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Apollo LED breeding lamp; Real or fake?

Apollo LED breeding lamp; Real or fake?

There are a huge number of providers of Apollo grow lights on the internet, but there is a lot of difference. The build quality is not always great and the LEDs used can be of poor quality. There are indeed original Apollo lamps and the Ledwarenhuis is the official reseller of these beautiful grow lights!

Because we are official resellers, we have a good look at the quality and composition of the lamps. As a result, there are real Cree LEDs from America in our Apollo breeding lights, these LEDs have meanwhile proven themselves as clear, accurate and above all reliable light.

Our Apollo lamps have recently been completely renewed and of course a new logo and website is part of it. The logo is on every official Apollo lamp so that you can easily recognize the lamps. The housing of each lamp is now made in the colors Cool-White with Cosmo  Black. The new Apollo lamps are now supplied with user manual and guarantee card. You can get started right after you have removed the Apollo from the package.

Apollo LED grow lights


Apollo real or fake

You can recognize the official Apollo LED grow lamp by the logo on the side of the housing as indicated above.

Ease of use

The ease of use of the Apollo lamps are still optimal because the lamp works with only 1 plug and an on-off button. The Soft-Start function ensures that no transformer is needed anymore and the fire safety increases. Built -in fans and a unique sweat drain ensure that the system stays cool. The lifespan is partly because of this 50,000 burning hours and given the quality you get 3 year warranty On the system.

The spectrum

The spectrum of the Apollos is designed to achieve excellent growth but also flowering results. All with 1 kind of light spectrum or the "full spectrum". The spectrum is so thought out so that not much energy is lost if a plant does not need a certain color in, for example, the growth phase. The colors with the highest absorption values ​​are the most important thing to give your plant only best. 

Apollo 10


With an Apollo LED grow lamp you save no less than 30% in electricity costs compared to a HID lamp and this is only the power consumption! Secondly, you save a lot of money and energy because you do not need extra extraction in your grow room to remove the heat. This is because Apollo LED grow lights compared to HID lamps little heat. Even in a small grow room you benefit from this!


Finally, LEDs last much longer than HID lamps and that with a difference of 40,000  burning hours. You will notice all of this in your wallet and you also do mother nature a favor ....2 fly in one fell swoop!

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