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Apollo-X: The LED grow lamp that causes your plants to take off

Apollo-X: The LED grow lamp that causes your plants to take off

Last month we introduced a new LED breeding lamp series under the Apollo name. It has become a real Apollo on Steroids with a completely new design and new type of LEDs. Are you curious about what this new Apollo has to offer? Then read on! 

New series, new logo

The Apollo-X has also received a new logo so that you can recognize it even more easily! We have given a lot of time and attention to it, what do you think of the new logo?


Apollo-X logo

New Cob Design

The Apollo-X uses a completely new LED system where COBS are combined with individual LEDs. The Epistar Cobs radiate white light with a light temperature of 3000K, perfect for growth and flowering of your plants. These Cobs provide a very natural light that you could compare with the light of the sun. The individual Cree LEDs provide an extra boost in blue and red so that your plants can bloom even better so that you get the most out of your plants! Each LED and COB Chip contains an optical lens with perspectives of 90 to 120 degrees. This ensures a broad spread without reducing the intensity of the light.

Completely new spectrum

The spectrum of the Apollo-X is very well balanced because the vast majority come directly from the 3000K warm-white cobs. Warm-white light has been used for years in the breeding world, for example at HPS grow lights. Through the use of Cobs, this spectrum naturally has a lot of blue and red but above all a nice course in the green/orange. The spectrum is supplemented with red and blue LEDs, giving the growth and bloom an extra boost without extreme peaks in the spectrum to arise. Research has shown that plants grow best when the spectrum contains all the colors that can also be found in the light of the sun. A good dose of green/yellow/orange is also included. Green light is important for photosynthesis and the light penetration of green light is excellent, making it easier to shine in the deeper parts of the plant.

Very quiet

The Apollo-X is a very quiet LED grow lamp even though the lamp uses fans to keep its "head" cool. The secret is in the size of the fans. The Apollo-X uses large fans, which means that they have to run less hard.So more air displacement but much less sound. Smart from Apollo!

Only the best LEDs

The Apollo-X uses Epistar Cobs and LEDs from the Cree brand. The Epistar Cobs are known for their high quality and show very good PPFD values. These Cobs form the basis for the Apollo-X and 75% determine the spectrum. The LEDs were made by the well -known company from America called Cree. Everyone in the LED breeding world has Cree because they produce very high quality LEDs that radiate a certain wavelength very accurately. These LEDs also last a very long time and can stay on for years without any problems. That is why you get a whopping 3 year warranty at the Apollo-X!


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