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LED kweeklamp

Create LED breeding lights in 5 steps (DIY)


This is how to make an LED grow lamp in 5 steps

We get a lot of questions how to get your own breeding lamp Can make and whether it is also worth doing something like that yourself. In this article we will show you how to make your own LED grow lamp in 5 simple steps. If you keep it simple, you can make a nice LED grow lamp for a minimal investment. We conclude with a special video of a very cool do it yourself) LED growth lamp.

What do you need?

These are the materials you need, see the list of dimensions at the bottom of the page. Most parts are available at the average hardware store.

  • Wood for a frame
  • LED strip With at least red and blue light
  • LED Driver
  • Solderbout (and possibly glue)
  • Two-core cord, screws and a few pieces of chain

For example, you can order the LEDs and the Diver via Aliexpress, but be aware of what you buy and make sure it works. We offer a number of the necessary articles this month for a low price. There is a lot of demand, so be quick.

The construction of an LED grow lamp

Don't feel like reading? We understand! That is why we have made a video for you in which everything is explained step by step. Sorry for the music, we had nothing else to hand. 

Step 1: Make a frame

Use veneer wood or plywood with possibly a reflective layer. You can also use plywood and cover it later with aluminum foil. You can make a groove in the 50x3x3 cm bars and mount the plywood plate in it, but after bending you can also clamp the plate by means of An extra piece of wood.

Step 2: Choice for the LEDs

Know which LEDs you use, the spectrum is important. Do you want to stimulate the growth and flowering of your plants? Then it is best for one FullSpectrum LED strip. Is only the growth important? Then you can suffice with white, blue and possibly red light. We offer the DIY (do it yourself) Strip and a LED breeding panel At a nice price. You can of course also order them yourself via Aliexpress.

Step 3: Install the LEDs in the frame

Cut the LED breeding strip into pieces of +/- 45 cm. Make sure you cut in the right place, which is indicated on the strip. The strip is usually self -adhesive, but using extra glue can of course not hurt. Expand the connection flakes and solder the two-core wire to connect the whole.

Step 4: Connect Electra

With the 12 Volt driver you can mount up to each other up to at least 4 meters of LED breeding strip, so you can easily attach up to 10 pieces of 40 cm in your LED grow lamp. Connect the driver with the LED strip. In the video an old adapter of a PC is used, the drivers that we supply can easily be connected to the strip by means of. A plug.

Step 5: Finishing and hanging

Turn the eyes in the back of your home -made LED grow lamp and hang the piece of chain on it, you can squeeze the eye;) with a pair of pliers. You attach the last eye in the ceiling above your plants. Hang it at about 40 cm above the crop and congratulations! You have created your first own LED grow lamp.

All materials used

  • Thin veneer wood or plywood with possibly a (reflective) layer of melamine. It is important that it is flexible. 50 x 65 cm
  • 2 pieces of chipboard of 40 x 10 cm
  • 2 slats/bars of 50 x 3 x 3 cm
  • 12 Volt adapter or Driver
  • Flexible LED breeding strip with at least red and blue light in it (possibly full-spectrum)
  • Glue
  • Scissors and tongs
  • Solderbout + tin
  • 2 meters two hemid cord
  • 5 screws with eyes and 4 pieces of chain of 40 cm pst.