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The LED grow light in Belgium

The LED grow light in Belgium

You can also order an LED Grow Light from us easily and quickly from the comfort of your armchair in Belgium and Flanders.

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But first this. Before you one LED grow light When ordering, a number of things are important to know:

What is an LED grow light?

The LED grow light is the further development of the HPS grow light. The HPS lamp is currently still the most used by growers. This has to do with the lower purchase costs, but these lamps have a number of disadvantages compared to LED grow lamps. A big advantage, for example, is that LED grow lights become many times less warm. This is useful because then you have to invest less in heat dissipation in your grow room.

The reason for this is that LEDs are actually small chips that convert electricity into light by means of 2 different semiconductors. When electrons move from one semiconductor to another, energy is released that they have to get rid of. As a result, they emit light and little heat. In fact, an LED can have an efficiency of 80%, so of all the energy that goes into it, 80% is converted to light and 20% to heat. An LED often does not get warmer than 35°C during use, in contrast to HPS, which can easily reach 400°C.

More information about LEDS can be found here find.

What should you pay attention to when buying an LED grow light?

Would you like more information about what you should pay attention to when purchasing? Then of course you can watch this video we put together, don't forget to subscribe of course ;) Have fun!

LED grow lighting in Putte

View a beautiful photo of the grow rooms in Putte, Belgium. That is where Kwekerij "De Zoetewei" is located, which uses 40 LED growing rods to ensure that its sweet potatoes come out of the ground even sweeter.

Cheap LED grow lights

Starting directly with the largest and most expensive lamp may not be useful for your first purchase. Why not start with a somewhat cheaper LED grow light? Just be careful not to buy junk, you're always in the right place with us. Take a look at the UFO LAMP or one of our LED Grow Panels. It is important to take a good look at what the lamp is intended for, more for growth or more for flowering or both. This is often stated in the description, but if you want to know more about this, you can also look at our page about spectrums . You can also contact us for competitively priced LED grow lights in Belgium.

Larger LED grow lights

Are you working on a big project or are you thinking about expanding your grow space? We also have the answer for this. In our range we have a number of large LED grow lights that are intended for more square meters. Take a look at Kind XL Series LED grow lights or the Black dog Phytomax-2 LED grow lights. The extremely competitively priced Apollo 8, 10 or 12 are also very suitable for this. These grow lights have now proven themselves, also in Belgium, as real powerhouses for the growth and flowering of your plants.