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The future of cultivation: Vertical farming

The future of cultivation: Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a term we hear more often when we talk about LED grow lights and sustainability. But this technique has much more to offer than sustainable farming, it could be the answer to the food shortages we know here on earth. Do you want to know how and why? Then read on!

The advantages

Vertical farming is extremely efficient because you only use 1x percent of the water of what we use in normal farming. Another big advantage is that crops can be grown locally so that thousands of kilometers no longer have to be traveled to get the lettuce on your plate. As a result, fewer exhaust gases enter the atmosphere and transport costs are significantly reduced.

No pesticides are needed either, which is good for humans and animals. There are indications that pesticides, among other things, have caused bee deaths. It is also no longer necessary to modify crops to make them resistant to diseases because the environment can be controlled in detail.
The research for even better LED grow lights is better stimulated by the growth of vertical farming, resulting in even more effective farming LED grow lights .

Finally, less land is needed to grow vertically and you do not have to work the land with fertilizer. This is a good thing because excessive use of fertilizer can cause the fertilizer to end up in the groundwater or in rivers and lakes. This allows algae to gain the upper hand and make the water low in oxygen, creating dead zones where little life is possible. Finally, you can grow all year round because you are not dependent on the seasons.

The cons

Of course it's not all roses scent and moonshine because despite the fact that vertical farming is more efficient than traditional agriculture, the energy costs mean that it is not yet cheaper. A lot of research is currently being done into ways to reduce these costs. Careful consideration must also be given to the application of vertical farming in local communities. Many good experts are also needed in this field so university studies are needed. We are working on this and hopefully we will have enough in a few years experts around Europe to make vertical farming a success.

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Source photos : Nursery "De Zoetewei"