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The white light of the Apollo Falcon LED grow light

The white light of the Apollo Falcon LED grow light Apollo Falcon

Nowadays there are a lot of LED grow lights for sale and there seems to be a specific lamp for every situation. We see a trend in grow lights that mainly use white LEDs to create a suitable spectrum. This has to do with several studies that have concluded that white LEDs have a very high efficiency.

By using White LEDs in a tomato grow, in combination with red and blue LEDs, they increased the yield by 12 to 16%. Although the red and blue LEDs contributed to the result, the authors conclude that the white LEDs, which contain a lot of green light, contributed the most. This is because green light strongly promotes the penetration of light.

The White light has another important advantage, namely the timely recognition of diseases and abnormalities in plants. When using red and blue LEDs, the entire grow room will turn purple and early detection of abnormalities is almost impossible.


Different colors WHITE in LED Grow lights

We now know that red and blue are the most important colors for growing plants, but did you also know that there are also many different white colors? These “colors” are called light temperatures and are expressed in Kelvin. These values ​​are of course not taken out of thin air and actually have to do with temperature. When a flame has a yellow color, the temperature is relatively low and when a flame turns blue, the temperature is much higher. Fortunately, with LED lighting it only has to do with the color and not with the actual temperature of the LEDs.

An important rule with white light is:

The lower the Kelvin number, the more red the lamp emits.

An Hps lamp usually emits light of 2200 Kelvin, this is very red light with relatively little blue.

The higher the Kelvin number, the more blue the lamp emits.

Daylight has a light temperature of approximately 6000 Kelvin, which is light with a relatively high amount of blue and little red.

The spectrum of the Apollo Falcon LED grow light

The Apollo Falcon LED grow light uses 2 white light temperatures to create a good balance between blue/red light and the green, orange and yellow light colours. The Apollo Falcon LED grow light uses 3000K and 6000K LEDs in combination with red LEDS (660nm) to give the flowering of your plant an extra boost.

The light temperature of 3000K is a warm white color that mainly radiates green / orange / red and mainly ensures the flowering of your plants, it also stimulates photosynthesis.

The 6000K LEDs emit a cool white color and mainly ensure that there is enough blue/green light in the spectrum so that growth is excellently stimulated.

To the eye, the lamp emits a cool white color where you can also view the plants very well.

Apollo Falcon Spectrum

Which Apollo Falcon suits you?

There are 2 different types of Apollo Falcon, namely the standard and the PRO version.

The difference between these 2 lamps is the LEDs used.

The standard Apollo Falcon uses SMD2835 LEDs and the PRO version has powerful LG & Osram LEDs on board.

See the differences below:





















Became curious? Then view the product page of the Apollo Falcon LED grow light.