Hoe kan ik mijn LED Kweeklamp onderhouden? - Het LED Warenhuis

How can I maintain my LED grow lamp?

To ensure that your LED breeding lamp lasts as long as possible, it is important to keep your lamp clean and fresh. We advise you to clean your lamp every two to three every month. As a result, the LED grow lamp will work with the maximum efficiency and it is also a good time to replace or repair any defects in time. Below we describe a number of methods to clean your lamp.

First, it is important to always be careful with the lamp. Especially when it comes to a lamp that still has a guarantee. The most obvious rule, do not drop the lamp.

Below a few:

  • Do not take the product apart. (unless out of warranty and with the required electronics knowledge)
  • Do not store any modules/printed circuit boards in an environment with dust.
  • Make sure there are no printing plates bending and try not to touch the LED resin.
  • Carefully handle the LEDs and the printed circuit boards, especially with sharp objects such as screwdrivers.
  • Do not touch the internal components while the lamp is in operation, here you can have a big shock  to get. Also do not pull cables when the lamp is on because this allows components to break.

Compressed air 

After a few months you will see that dust/plant particles/insects have ended up in your lamp. Now LED grow lights will not attract very many insects, it is still disastrous for the functioning of your lamp. You can easily get these particles out of it by using a compressed air bus. You can do this without taking the lamp apart, spray the air well through the lamp and take the fans with you immediately. Of course first switch off the lamp and remove the plug from the socket.

Glas cleaner/all -purpose cleaner

If your LED breeding lamp is equipped with glass lenses or a glass panel, you can clean them with glass cleaner or all -purpose cleaner. You can clean the lamp with a cloth on which you sprayed something glass cleaner. Wipe the dirt off the surface and let it dry before you connect the lamp again. You can also clean the fixture in the same way, make sure that you do not use cleaning products that contain chlorethylene or acetone, because these components ensure that the LEDs deteriorate faster.

Checking your lamp is done quickly because with this checklist you can extend the lifespan of your LED grow lamp.

  • Check regularly for dust particles and insects.
  • Do not use cleaning products with harmful substances. (such as chlorethylene or acetone)
  • Do not expose the lamp to water, always make sure that the lamp is completely dry when your lamp turns on. (not sure? Let the lamp leave for a while so that any water can evaporate)
  • Do not hang objects/tools on the lamp, this can exceed the load capacity.
  • Always switch off the lamp and remove the plug from the socket before you clean the lamp.


We hope that these cleaning tips will contribute to an even longer lifespan of our LED grow lights so that you can enjoy your plants for longer.