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LED construction lamp with or without motion sensor?

LED construction lamp with or without motion sensor?

What types of construction lights are there?

Nowadays there are many different types of construction lamps, but the most commonly used lamp is the LED construction lamp. In addition, you also have the not so energy-efficient Halogen construction lamp. These lamps become very hot and consume up to 80% more energy compared to LED construction lamps. Another advantage of LED construction lamps are the different light colors that can be chosen, so that there is an LED construction lamp for every application.

What does a motion sensor do?

Simply put, this sensor detects movement. This sensor does this on the basis of a number of values ​​that the user can set. This allows you to decide for yourself how long the light should stay on and how sensitive the sensor should be to movements.

The following properties are adjustable:


You can set the light sensitivity on the sensor by means of a potentiometer. This allows you to determine how dark it should be before the LED construction lamp lights up. Of course it makes little sense if the lamp is switched on during the day.

Burn time

This setting determines how long the LED construction lamp remains on after the sensor has detected the last movement. This timer will restart when there is movement.


This setting is also very useful! Imagine bushes or trees in view of the sensor or do you have pets that can walk in front of the sensor. Then you can set the sensitivity of the sensor so that the lamp does not turn on with every small movement.

Detection direction Construction lamp with sensor

You can rotate and tilt the sensor so that you can always determine the perfect detection direction.
Even if your LED construction lamp shines to the left, you can detect movement on the right side by pointing the sensor to the right.

Advantages and disadvantages of the LED construction lamp with sensor

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, including the LED construction lamp with sensor. We would like to list these for you:


  • The LED construction lamp only lights up when movement is detected.
  • Widely adjustable including sensitivity, burn time and switch-on moment.
  • LED construction lamps are much more economical than halogen construction lamps.


  • After hanging the LED construction lamp, first set it up before use.
  • Only lights up when there is movement within the detection range of the sensor.

Which LED construction lamp is suitable for me?

It all depends on your situation and personal preferences. Do you need continuous light for your terrain? Then a construction lamp without a sensor is a good option. If you want light that only switches on when you enter the grounds/garden, an LED floodlight with a sensor is very handy and energy-saving.

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