De mooiste binnentuinen en kassen Deel 1 - Het LED Warenhuis

The most beautiful inner gardens and greenhouses part 1

The most beautiful inner gardens and greenhouses part 1

green, greener, greenest 

We are there again, this time not about breeding lights but about something else.

The most beautiful inner gardens and greenhouses is an online picture book with beautiful photos of various greenhouse complexes and inner gardens. In 4 parts we take you into the world of green, greener, greenest. The photos have been added to this page but will soon also be available in PDF book form. Register for the newsletter and soon receive this beautiful copy of the entire series.

How did this idea come about?

Because we regularly come to greenhouse complexes and inner gardens, we thought it would be nice to do a little more with this. Nature and technology come very close to each other in a greenhouse, and we like that to show.

When regularly visiting greenhouses, a kind of love for the lush green in combination with steel and glass is created. We have decided to bundle some of our most beautiful pictures. This is how the idea of ​​'the most beautiful inner gardens and greenhouses' was created. Enjoy this 1st part.

1. We start small, this is an inner garden in Alphen aan den Rijn. So just in the Netherlands :) Special is that this is an almost completely 'hanging garden'


2. Another snapshot of the inside

3. Nice hey, how inside is combined with outside, this is actually a bit in common, because part so it looks like you are looking outside is actually painted. 

4. Our personal favorite from this collection, why? There is a true jungle in this greenhouse, take a look at the next photo.

5. In the Jungle Kas


6. The rear part of this greenhouse looks a little less jovial but is still worth showing


7. This true castle is in Vienna and is owned by the Schonbrunn family. There are largely palm trees in this greenhouse, reportedly almost 280 species


8. A look inside this beautiful indoor jungle


9. Is this an inner garden or just a decayed Sére, we don't know but this old civil servant in Germany is beautiful, just look inside ...


10. Beautiful picture of this piece of expired green, time for a makeover.