Algemene gebruiksaanwijzing voor alle LED Groeiverlichting - Het LED Warenhuis

General user manual for all LED Grow lights


High power LED Grow lighting


  • Use of revolutionary LED technologies
  • Heat resistant, advanced cooling system and heat conduction
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • 3 watt LED chips with 150° light angle
  • High par values ​​and lumen range


1x LED fixture
1x power supply/cabling
1x suspension system

Applications LED grow lights

Greenhouse complex, courtyard garden, grow tent, plant pre-growth system, hydroponics.


  • Hang the LED fixture using the supplied suspension system
  • Suggested suspension height is from 20-200 cm above the top of the plant
  • Make sure the lamp is switched off
  • Put the wiring in the fixture first before connecting it to the socket
  • Use the switch to turn on the lamp
  • Do not look directly into the light of the LED grow light


  • Indoor use only
  • Make as little contact with the lamp as possible when working
  • The grow lights are not waterproof, make sure that no water drops enter the system. A higher humidity with light condensation is not a problem
  • Do not use the cabling if it is damaged, request a replacement from Het LED Warenhuis

This manual applies to all LED Grow Lighting from Het LED Warenhuis unless another instruction manual is supplied with the LED grow fixture or other specifications are mentioned in the description of the product.

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