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Smart LED strip 5 meters IP65
Smart LED Strip 5 meter IP65 - Het LED Warenhuis

Smart LED strip 5 meters IP65

LED Strips - Het LED Warenhuis

LED strips

You can order LED strips quickly & easily at the LED department store

Do you need your LED lighting strip quickly? Order your LED lighting strip at the LED department store and we will ensure that it will be delivered to you the next day.

LED strips there are many types and sizes

In our range you come across different LED strips, you can find them with smart options or very simple with only a remote control. There are different sizes such as 1 meter, 2.5 meters or 5 meters. You can also shorten the LED strips yourself so that you can hang the LED lighting strip even more beautiful and tighter.

We also immediately have the latest smart LED strips available

If you are looking for the latest smart LED strips, you don't have to look beyond the LED department store. We have an extensive range of smart lighting including smart LED strips.

LED strips that are suitable for Google Home, Philips Hue and much more

On our product pages you can always find on which apps your LED strips lighting can work. This way you always know which app you can use to operate the lighting. It is also useful if you already have smart lighting at home and do not want to use more apps to operate your lighting.