Red Light Therapy Mask - Spectro Light the Mask

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Product Information

Spectro Light -The Mask

Do you want radiant skin without hassle? Red Light Therapy Masks are the latest sensation in the world of skin care and offer a wide range of benefits, packed in a handy and user -friendly device. Let us elaborate on what these masks have to offer and how you can use them optimally.

Red Light Therapy Masks: 

The first step to radiant skin

The Advantages of Red Light Therapy Masks

1. Wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation: Red light with wavelengths between 630 and 660 Nm stimulates the production of collagen, essential for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. This results in a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look more youthful.

2. Acne treatment: The anti -inflammatory properties of red light help to reduce inflammation and promoting clear, healthy skin, making the mask an effective addition to your skin care routine.

3. Accelerated skin recovery: Red Light Therapy speeds up the natural recovery process of the skin by promoting cell regeneration, resulting in a faster healing of damaged skin cells.

How do you use red light therapy masks?

  1. Clean your skin: Start with a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and makeup, making the skin ready to absorb the benefits of the red light.

  2. Put the mask on: Place the red light therapy mask comfortably on your face, make sure it fits well with all the contours of your skin.

  3. Select your time: Choose the treatment duration based on your needs. For beginners, it is recommended to start with short sessions of 10-15 minutes and gradually increase them.

  4. Relax and enjoy: Let the red light do its work while you relax. Use this time to de -stress and relax.

  5. Regular use for optimum results: Regular use is recommended for lasting results. Many users experience positive changes after a few weeks of consistent use.

Red Light Therapy Masks

Safety and efficiency in one

Our red light therapy masks are designed with safety and convenience as a priority. They are not only effective, but also easy to use. Change your skin care routine into a pleasure with this innovative technology. Experience the benefits today and see the difference in your skin!

Specifications: Spectro Light - The Mask

  • Assets:
    • Power consumption: 5W
    • LED Power: 12.8W
  • Light wave lengths:
    • Red Light: 660 Nm
    • Near infrared: 850 Nm
  • Remote control:
    • Red Light: 415 Nm
    • Near infrared: 850 Nm
  • Frequency:
    • 73HZ, 147HZ, 294HZ
  • Power source:
    • USB DC5V/1A
  • Radiation intensity:
    • 47 MW/cm² ± 5%
  • Colour:
    • Black
  • Dimensions:
    • 659x213x3.2mm - One size fits all
  • Guarantee:
    • 1 year

* Note: Consult the user manual for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.

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