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LED construction lamp battery 20W
LED Bouwlamp Accu 20W - Het LED Warenhuis

LED construction lamp battery 20W

LED Bouwlampen - Het LED Warenhuis

LED construction lamps

You can order LED construction lamps quickly & easily at the LED department store

The complete range of construction lamps or spotlights always ordered quickly & easily at the LED department store. It doesn't matter what you order we will always ensure that you have the lamp quickly at home.

You can also find a battery construction lamp at the LED department store

A battery construction lamp is very useful when you work in a room or outside where there is no power. The lamps are also called a battery work lamp. When you have taken the power off in the house to mount new connections or contacts, the battery construction lamp comes as called.

A building lamp LED on a tripod or hang it? A suitable solution for every job

LED construction lamps are also included on a tripod in our range of construction lamps. These are very easy since you can put it everywhere and you can quickly continue working. If you always need light outside in the garden or under the carport, it is useful to hang an LED construction lamp. In most cases, a construction lamp with sensor is a suitable choice. A construction lamp with sensor jumps when you come close and some LED construction lamps also have a day night sensor so that the lamp does not take on during the day.

LED spotlights come in many shapes and sizes. Always a wide choice at the LED department store.

Are you looking for an LED construction lamp that only comes on when someone walks by? Then an LED construction lamp with sensor is a good option. An LED spotlight with a motion sensor can be set in such a way that the lamp goes out again after 30s or only after a few minutes. If you need a construction lamp so that you have a good view during odd jobs, it is better to take a construction lamp without a sensor or even a construction lamp on battery. A construction lamp with a battery is perfect for situations where you do not have access to the power grid.

Why is good lighting in my garden or at my front door important?

It is nice for yourself to have a clearly lit garden or front door, but a lot of light is of course not attractive for burglars. Spotlights or LED construction lamps also make the space around your house safer with a view to burglary prevention. If you are renovating and there are expensive building materials in your driveway, a well -placed LED spotlight can prevent a lot of misery.

A suitable LED construction lamp or spotlight lamp for each outdoor space.

Most people place LED construction lamps around their home for more comfort or safety. For example, an LED spotlight under the carport makes it easier to park a car. In the evening, an LED construction lamp in the garden can be useful to illuminate the garden path or the shed door, for example.

If you have questions about the Wattage and the type of LED construction lamp? Then let us know by emailing or calling us.