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The top 10 easy indoor plants with LED


Not everyone likes to take good care of plants and perhaps most of the plants in your house die quickly. Still, you like having plants around you because it gives a cosy, friendly look to your interior. How do you ensure that your houseplants will survive? Can you enjoy your plants for a long time without doing much to them? It all starts with your choice because not every plant needs a lot of care. Below 10 different plants that are easy to care for and important tips that will quickly increase your knowledge of plants.

Additional illumination of plants with LED lighting

Additional lighting of your plants during the winter period is very important to keep your plant in top condition. This is possible with, for example LED grow lighting or plant lighting.

10 plants that are easy to care for with (additional) lighting

Below are a number of plants that feel very at home in our living rooms. The advantage of these plants is that they last a long time, are strong and can be well cared for by means of artificial light. This can be, for example, LED grow lighting or indoor plant lighting.

1. Dracaena

Dracaena is the family name of a group of plants that can easily call themselves powerhouses because these plants can take a beating. There are many different types and sizes within the dracaena family so you will always be able to find your perfect houseplant. They require little water and purify the air like no other. The plants do best in the shade.

2. Zamioculcas

Are you looking for a plant you can put down and forget about? Then the Zamioculcas is for you! This houseplant needs little water and has few light requirements. The plant will grow noticeably faster in the sun, but this plant also does very well in the shade. It doesn't matter much to this plant and will continue to grow quietly and brighten up your home. If you want to make the plant grow faster, you can use LED grow lighting such as the Apollo Falcon.

3. Cactus

This is the textbook example of an easy-care houseplant. Because cacti normally grow in dry areas, the cactus can go without water for up to a month. The cactus also needs little light, but don't put the cactus in full sun in the summer months, because the cactus cannot handle that since the cactus is used to our climate.

4. Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant normally grows in the desert and therefore this houseplant has few requirements. Aloe Vera is a very beautiful and sturdy plant that is also very good at purifying the air. The plant does not need much water and prefers a spot in partial shade. The juices in this plant are used in many personal care products, but the juices directly from the plant are toxic to pets and children.

5. Monstera

This is the cheese with holes among the plants! The Monstera is also called "hole plant" in the Netherlands. This name does not come out of the blue when you look at the leaves of the plant. The hole plant is not very thirsty, but it is good to keep the soil moist. You will see that you are rewarded by new leaves. Just don't put the hole plant in full sun because they don't like that.

6. Sansevieria Laurentii and Zeylanica

The Sansevieria is a very strong houseplant that is also very easy to care for. The plant also looks beautiful and would fit into any interior. The Sansevieria, also affectionately known as "lady's tongue", is perfect for people who don't have a green thumb because this plant survives everything!

7. Pineapple plant

The Pineapple plant is a very beautiful houseplant that also purifies the air quickly and accurately. After about 3 months you will see that the pineapple falls off the plant as it is ripe. The plant then of course continues to grow. The plant does not need much water and is therefore very easy to care for.

8. Crassula Marnieriana

The Crassula Marnieriana belongs to the succulent family and that is why this plant can also take a beating. The plant retains a lot of moisture, so if you forget to water the plant, that's no problem. The plant can even stand in a cold place with drafts. Preferably place the plant in the sun, but let the plant get used to it if it comes from a dark environment.

9. Yucca

This plant is a well-known houseplant because this plant also needs very little care. The plant stores water in the trunk, so the Yucca needs very little water. The plant is also called Palm lily, but the plant bears no resemblance to the palm. The only thing you have to watch out for with this plant is the soil; is this soft? Then you have given the plant too much water and you will have to water the plant a little less in the future. We can't make it any easier. If the plant is in a place that is too dark and you still want the plant to grow more and become fuller? Then you could hang an LED grow lamp above it like the 15x1w E27 LED Grow Light .

10. Guzmania Frecesca and Melissa

This is also a beautiful houseplant that can take a beating. You can easily place this plant in a place without direct sunlight, but the plant does need regular water. This plant does not like plant food. There are several variations of this plant, each with a different color flower. If you place different Guzmania plants in your home, you create a true rainbow of colors.

The above plants were chosen because they all require very little maintenance. This way you can still enjoy plants in your home without having to pay much attention to them. In the next blog we will talk about houseplants that do need more care. So keep our blog closely monitor.

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