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The advantages of Apollo LED Grow Innovations Grow lamps

The advantages of Apollo LED Grow Innovations Grow lamps

Ease of use

The ease of use of the Apollo LED Grow Innovations lamps is optimal because you only work with 1 plug and an on-off button. The soft-start function eliminates the need for a transformer and increases fire safety. Built-in fans and a unique heat sink keep the system cool. Apollo lamps can be connected to the normal power supply (230V) and the system has no problem with peak voltages. The supplied suspension system makes it complete and fully ready for use.


The Apollo LED grow and bloom lighting has an aluminum plating and stainless steel housing. Very strong and you are assured of a long life. Partly because of this, the lifespan is 50,000 burning hours and, given the quality, you get a 3-year warranty on the system.

All Spectrums available

The spectrum is the composite light color. Make sure you are always well informed about the spectrum, this is important to get the right balance between growth and flowering. With the right spectrum, every flower or fruit can grow with a minimum use of wattage per square meter. There are flowers (such as tulips for example) that do not thrive well with one type of spectrum, so it is advisable to test per type of tulip. We have equipped the Apollo series with a 12-band spectrum as standard, but what does that mean? the number always represents the amount of different colored LEDs that are present in the system. Because one lamp has more wattage (ie more LEDs) than the other, this balance between the number of colors has been adjusted for each lamp. Below you will find which light colors have been added to each spectrum.

LED spectrum ratios:
4-band spectrum: 430nm, 460-470nm, 620-630nm, 640-660nm (red and blue).
7-band spectrum: 430nm, 460-470nm, 620-630nm, 610nm, 640-660nm, 730nm, 2700-3000K (red, far red, blue, UV and white).
Flowerbooster 12-band spectrum: 410nm, 430nm, 460-470nm, 525nm, 585-590nm, 610nm, 620-630nm, 640-660nm, 730nm, 2700-3000K, 6000-6500K, 12000-14 000k (red, far red, blue , UV, IR, green and white). - Full Spectrum


Switching to LED is a worthwhile investment. In addition to the power savings and increased fire safety, you no longer have to deal with ballasts. With a power saving of 60%, payback periods of 1.5 years can be achieved. All advantages taken into account, the lamp is cheap to purchase compared to competing brands. Feel free to ask for more information via our contact form.