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The Top 10 LED grow lights 2021

We arrived again at the end of the year and that naturally includes overviews! Since 2016 we have made many people happy with the 10 Top LED grow lights. If you as a starting grower with LED do not know what to do or where you can go for the best breeding lighting then there is a lot of newcomers again this year and the developments in LED breeding area go as always! We have already made a top 10 for the year 2020, so it is now 2021's turn. Are you curious about which LED grow lamp is on 1? Then read on!

Top 10 LED grow lights


Beehive Top 10

The Beehive B4 Is really very impressive in terms of price/quality ratio. The lamp has a very uibrid spectrum and the LEDs come from the factories of Cree and Epistar. The spectrum can be fully adjusted according to the needs of the plant. The built -in timer naturally makes life a lot easier!

Price: € 415,-
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: stainless steel and 60 Watt COB 
Guarantee: 3 years 


9: Black Dog Phytomax-2

Because of the power and the technology used Phytomax-2 LED grow lights Also the grow lights with the largest footprint (reach). In addition, the light is spread very evenly, which causes virtually no hotspots, as is the case with many other LED brands. All plants within the footprint will therefore receive practically the same amount of light and the chance of burning or fading of plants that are within a hotspot is nil.

 Also this year the Black Dog Phytomax-2 is not missing! If you are looking for a lamp with a large footprint, the Phytomax-2 series is for you. The light is spread evenly, so there are no hotspots, as is the case with many other lamps. All plants get the same amount of light and grow equally quickly without burning or fading.

The Phytomax-2  Grow lights from Black Dog Have a very quiet cooling system and extremely large cooling plates, which ensure the perfect cooling. These lamps remain cool and release much less heat than an HPS lamp. Maintain control over the temperature in your grow room with the Phytomax-2!

Price: from 825.00 to 3319.00 euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: stainless steel and SMD/5 Watt LEDs 
Warranty 2 years 
PAR VALUE: reasonable 


8: Spectrolight BB series

SpectRobox BB Top 10

This series excels through the use of high -quality parts such as Horticulture LEDs from Samsung and Drivers by Meanwell. The SpectRobox BB Does his work also completely silent and is waterproof. The best quality for a soft price! By the 

Price: from 249 to 829 euros depending on the wattage
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: stainless steel housing and Samsung Horticulture LEDs 
Warranty 3 years 


7: Mars Hydro SP series

Mars Hydro Top 10

The Mars Hydro SP-3000 is a new lamp from Mars Hydro that is specially made to get the best out of your plants. The Samsung LEDs used are currently the most sought after LEDs of the moment. Due to the smart design, the lamp does not need active cooling. The lamp is very suitable for the culture of all types of plants & herbs.

Price: € 410,- 
Lifespan: 30,000 hours 
Used materials: Aluminum housing and Samsung LEDs
Warranty: 2 years 


6: Spectrolight

Spectrolight Top 10

The Spectrolight Blast 400 is a real all -rounder with the latest and best technology on board. This lamp is designed to beat a 600 Watt HPS lamp. We can say that they have achieved that goal with flag and pennant!
The lamp has very good performance and the spectrum is one of the best there are. This is also one of the few lamps where you get a 5 -year warranty.

Price: from 379 to 1094 euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Epistar Cobs and 5W Bridgelux LEDs
Warranty 5 years 
PAR VALUE: very Good  

5: Child K5 XL 1000 WiFi

Child Top 10

The Child K5 XL1000 WiFi is the most progressive LED grow lamp that we offer. This lamp can be set completely by means of an app. You can set the spectrum exactly over every hour of the day. You can simulate a sunrise or connection in this way. Moreover, this lamp has even better performance than its predecessor! 

Price: €1595,-  
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: Cree LEDs, Full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses.
Guarantee: 3 years 
PAR VALUE: High i.c.m. Large light distribution, large light core. 


4: Fluence Spydr Series

Spydr Top 10

The Spydr series from Fluence Is really a winner! Due to the smart placement of the Linear grow lights you have little trouble with hotspots and the light is much better distributed over the surface. The lamp uses heatsinks to cool itself passively. The lamp can be controlled with a Trollmaster Controller so that you can link multiple lamps together. Useful!

Price: from 999 to 1598 euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Aluminum
Warranty 3 years 
PAR VALUE: very Good 


3: Mother

Mother Top 10

Mother's lamps are special and fits very well in this time where more and more people are looking for self -supply in terms of food. Mother's lamps can last your entire life, the LEDs can be replaced without giving the fixture away. This means you no longer have to get a completely new lamp, but so cheaply but especially milderly. The spectrum is extremely suitable for the growth & flowering of your plants.

Price: from € 89 to € 219,- euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum 
Warranty 4 years on the panel 
PAR VALUE: Excellent

2: Spectrum King SK series

Spectrum King Top 10We would like this year Spectrum King Put in the sun because they have been making LED grow lights for a long time. With the SK series they really have a gem in their hands!

Spectrum King is a special brand in the field of LED breeding lighting. After 5 years of research, Spectrum King finally made the LED breeding light and the spectrum they wanted. The entire development and production takes place in the US. Unlike many other brands, the Spectrum King makes much more use of white light and UV light. The idea behind this is that they want to create an environment that is as natural as possible for the plant. Spectum King is for the experienced grower who wants more control over the process. It is possible to control multiple SK602 LED breeding lights by means of a laptop. You can program them, for example, to simulate a sunrise or downfall. Only at Spectrum King are these advanced options possible and that is why Spectrum is number 1 this year!

Price: from 999 to 1649 euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum & Cree LEDs
Warranty 3 years 
PAR VALUE: Excellent

1: Apollo Falcon series

Apollo Top 10

The Apollo Falcon Is our best -selling lamp from 2020 and that is why this lamp is number 1 this year!
Due to the different models and price classes, there is a version for everyone that fits their goal. Due to the ultra-compact housing, it is easy to scale up by hanging several Apollo Falcons next to each other. The Pro version is equipped with the well -known Samsung Horticulture LEDs. Here your plants will be grateful to you forever.

Price: from € 104 to € 214,- Euro depending on the Wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum & Epistar or Samsung LEDs
Warranty 3 years 
PAR VALUE: Excellent