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Beehive B4 LED grow light
Beehive B4 LED kweeklamp - Het LED Warenhuis

Beehive B4 LED grow light

Beehive LED Groeilampen - Het LED Warenhuis

Beehive LED Grow Lights

Beehive LED Grow Lights

The Beehive LED grow lights excel in ease of use and a very sophisticated light spectrum with 13 different wavelengths of light. It allows you to grow even the most demanding plants to heights that will make even the bees dizzy

The LED grow light with a 13-band spectrum

Beehive's LED grow lights are special as they use CREE COBs in combination with Epistar LEDs. This combination provides a very extensive spectrum where you can dim the grow and bloom lighting separately. The lamps are also equipped with a timer where you can set each type of light separately.

You can handle any growing situation with Beehive's LED grow lights

Are you looking for a lamp where you have a lot of control over the spectrum and light intensity, then the Beehive LED grow lamps are for you!