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Krachtige Growmol LED kweeklamp met Full Spectrum ontwerp en hoogwaardige Epistar en Bridgelux LEDs voor optimale plantengroei en bloei. Dimbaar en voorzien van een stil koelsysteem.


Optimize Plant growth with the powerful growmol LED grow lamp

An overview of the Growmol LED breeding lamp series

Do you want your plants not only to grow higher, but also bloom more beautiful and colorful? Then the growmol is the choice! With high -quality LEDs from Epistar and Bridgelux, this Full Spectrum LED grow lamp offers everything you need for a successful breeding adventure. The Growmol series, the little brother of the well-known Maxbloom X Plus series, exceeds expectations and guarantees impressive result.

Growmol LED breeding lamp

This lamp is exclusively available in a 12-bands Full Spectrum version, including UV 380NM-420NM and Infra-Rood 720-760NM. After six years of extensive testing by professional growers, it appears that this spectrum yields 20% to 30% more results than other LED grow lights. A proven success for optimum growth and flowering!

Dimmable flowering and growing light from the growmol LED grow lamp

The needs of plants vary during growth and flowering. Blue light stimulates growth, while red/red light is essential for lush flowering. With the growmol you can completely dim the spectrum, ranging from 0% to 100%. This gives you the freedom to adjust the light without moving the lamp. Combined with variable burning hours, the growmol offers unprecedented possibilities for your breeding project.

Impressive high par values ​​of the growmol LED grow lamp

Thanks to the high-quality 5W Epistar and Bridgelux LEDs, the Growmol 7G shows impressive par values. These values ​​are evenly distributed over the light surface and ensure excellent leaf penetration. Each fiber from your plant benefits maximum from the power of the growmol.

Silent and extensively tested cooling system of the Growmol LED grow lamp

The provision of silent UL fans not only makes the growmol LED grow lamp powerful, but also quiet. The warm air is efficiently drained up, so that the temperature in your room drops quickly. Your plants will be grateful for the comfortable climate under the growmol LED grow lamp.

Easy operation and fast installation of the growmol LED grow lamp

With just two rotary buttons you can set the spectrum in detail, making the operation a piece of cake. Hanging the lamp is easy thanks to the included suspension system. Moreover, this LED breeding lamp is modularly structured, so that maintenance can be carried out effortlessly. As icing on the cake, the lamp is also watertight, which means you are assured of sustainability and reliability.