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Sports field protective cover covers against rain, snow and frost

Sports field protection with MatchSaver Cover covers: optimum protection for every season

Sports fields form the backdrop for intense competitions, exciting training sessions and crucial moments for teams at every level, from amateurs to professionals. However, the changeable weather can pose a serious threat to the playability of the field. Here comes the MatchSaver Air Roller Pitch Protection Covers, and we will discuss the benefits of these innovative cover covers used by leading clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Leicester City, Torino, Leeds Utd, Werder Bremen, AFC Bournemouth, Everton, Malmo, Getafe, FC Sion, Sporting Charleroi, Southampton and many others.

Protect the Peelveld against snow, frost and rain

Broad applicability about different sports

MatchSaver Air Roller Covers are not only used for football, but also to cricket, rugby, tennis, hockey, and more. This makes them the ideal choice for sports facilities at club, county, basic and international level. Whether it is about protecting a football field, a hockey field, a rugby field or a tennis court, MatchSaver offers versatile solutions for sports field protection.

Fast and easy employability

One of the striking benefits of MatchSaver Air Roller Covers is the fast and easy employability. With every air roller that covers 14m x 70m, sports fields can be effortlessly covered. The inflatable air crushes easily roll out the covers over the surface. An air blower is used to blow up the rolls. Upon arrival, the Air Roller Covers are already pre -assembled and ready for deployment. In bad weather it is sufficient to blow up the air crushes and turn off the covers. Sand bags are available as an optional purchase to keep the covers in place. As soon as the weather has cleared, wipe the water and the snow of the covers, blow the air rollers, reveal the field and store the covers for the next time.

Protection of the tennis court against rain frost and weed

Perfect protection for tennis courts

MatchSaver also offers pull-on covers specifically designed for tennis courts. These covers are flexible, strong and recyclable. Their lightweight and waterproof properties, together with UV protection and a light transmission speed of 70%, make them ideal for protecting natural lawns, claycourt, gravel, smashcourt and artificial grass. They are not only resistant to rain, frost and snow, but are also suitable for use on both natural and plastic fields.

Storage options and sustainability

MatchSaver Air Roller Covers can easily be emptied and stored, both along the field and in a suitable storage space. This ensures flexibility in the management of the covers. They serve as a cost-effective alternative to field heating, so that they contribute to cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions. The sustainable materials of the covers are UV -stabilized for long -term performance and can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -35 to +60 degrees Celsius.

A cover shower protects the play mat in the stadium

Targeted light transparency for optimum grass dismantles

A remarkable feature of MatchSaver Air Roller Covers is their clear and transparent material, so that 70% of the light is passed through. This property is beneficial for germinating natural grass and has made significant improvements in the condition of lawn with our customers. Even sleeping yellow grass can be converted into first -class billiard towels.

Adaptability to different sports conditions

MatchSaver Air Roller Covers are not limited to a specific level of sport; They are used at all levels, from international to school and amateur competitions. Agronomes have worked closely together to develop covers that offer optimum protection for playing fields. Made from durable material with UV stabilization, they contribute to the preservation of playability under a variety of conditions.

Rain protection-sports fields-tennis football


MatchSaver Air Roller Pitch Protection Covers are synonymous with innovation, versatility and effective sports field protection. Whether it is about protecting football fields, hockey fields, rugby fields, tennis courts or other sports facilities, MatchSaver offers a reliable solution. The covers not only offer protection against rain, frost and snow, but also promote the growth of natural grass due to optimized light transparency. With their rapid implementation, sustainability and broad applicability, MatchSaver Air Roller Covers are an essential instrument for every sports facility that strives for consistently high -quality play conditions. Investing in MatchSaver is investing in the future of sports fields.


Against rain, snow, frost, and weeds

Protect your sports field with MatchSaver cover covers:

A sustainable solution for optimum playing pleasure