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Buying LED grow lights is an important step for every grower who is serious about improving the growth and yield of its plants. At the LED department store we understand that selecting the right grow lights is crucial for the success of your breeding. Here are some important considerations and information about our extensive range of LED grow lights.

What should you pay attention to when buying LED grow lights:

  • Light spectrum: The light spectrum of the grow lamp is essential. LED grow lights offer the advantage of adjustable spectrums for different growth phases. Note models with full-spectrum options for both growth and flowering.
  • Power and light output: Look at the power of the LED grow lamp and the light output in micromol per second (ppf). The correct power and the correct light intensity depend on the size of your culture room and the types of plants that you grow.
  • Energy efficiency: LED grow lights are known for their energy efficiency. Check the energy consumption in Watt and compare it with the light output produced. Energy-efficient lamps ensure lower operational costs.
  • Brand and quality: Choose renowned brands such as Spectro Light, Lumatek, Apollo Falcon, Migro, and other high -quality brands. Quality guarantees sustainability and better performance.
  • Cooling and sustainability: LED grow lights generate heat, so make sure the model has effective cooling to extend the lifespan. Sustainable construction is also important for long -term use.
  • Adjustability: Consider models with adaptable functions such as dimmability and adaptable spectrums. This allows you to adjust the lighting to the needs of your plants in different growth phases.

Various brands LED grow lights, including Spectro Light, Lumatek, Apollo Falcon, Kind LED and more.

The range of grow lights of the LED department store:

Spectro light

Spectro Light supplies professional grow lights that are normally used in horticulture because of their sustainability. However, they also offer special models for use in grow tents. These models use a balanced par-spectrum, which is ideal for fruit-bearing plants. Due to their suitability for both growth and flowering, these growth lamps are considered full-spectrum grow lights.



Lumatek has been firmly located in the hobby market with powerful grow lights, including the famous Zeus. This lamp is known at many hobby growers and can be found in numerous grow rooms.

Apollo Falcon

The Apollo Falcon is a breeding rod that can be used both vertically and horizontally. With its white light, this lamp is ideal for placement in a living space. It is a powerful lamp that is affordable.


Migro is known for its tests as an influencer and also has its own line of grow lights. Affordability is their motto, therefore their growth lamps are burning in many breeding cabinets, including those of G-tools.

Child LED

Kind Led was one of the first LED suppliers in the world. Although it seems that they are leaving Europe, we can still arrive at the Lredenhuis. The nice thing is that the PAR-spectrum is adaptable to the models of child. This is certainly ideal for hobbyists who have a feeling for growing and know what light needs their plants have in every phase of the growth process.

Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro is a Chinese lamp with a lot of power for an affordable price. Although the lifespan may not be eternal, the brand is known thanks to effective marketing with many small hobby growers.


Megaphoton is internationally one of the largest suppliers of breeding light in the world in horticulture. They have the largest market share, not only in Europe and Asia, but also in Russia and South America. They are also great for use in a grow box in the attic.

Black Dog

For many, Black Dog is a lesser -known and expensive grow lamp, but for this lamp the following applies: cheap is expensive. The patented Phyto Genesis spectrum is the most reliable and efficient full spectrum for LED growth lamps. This ensures that every kilowatt is well spent and you will eventually earn back this lamp, because light is weight.


Mother specializes in sustainable production and design. The plant spectrum lamp is ideal for the living room and the cultivation of micro-fresh in grow systems.

The Jungle

The Jungle is the Spanish brand that makes the southern European sun shine in your breeding cabinet. Inexpensive and efficient, with their attractively priced entry models fun for a grower with five plants in his grow tent. 🌿


Beehive is a qualitative grow lamp that is embraced by both hobby growers and professional flower growers in the breeding bag. In our opinion, this is due to the fully manually adjustable par-spectrum.

Too loose

Telos, known for its mesh, is the name for the wireless operating system from Telos. This allows you to accurately operate the light power measured in PPF remotely. This way you always know how much usable light the lamp radiates, and of course you have the option to adjust this "on the fly" to your light needs in your culture. Watch the video for more explanation.

Spectrum King

Spectrum King has been around for many years in the development of LED growth lamps. This is therefore a renowned brand of breeding lighting with which you will experience few problems. Many cannabis growers rely on his reliability.

Par/e27 growth lamps

Par/E27 Growth lamps are the most popular lamps for people where the indoor plants, in particular the house plants, get too little light on their leaves in the dark days of the winter period. These lamps are available in many wattages and also in various light spectrums. In addition to giving extra light perennial, they are also ideal for highlighting a plant. Of course you can also grow under it in a breeding cabinet.

Budget Growth bulbs

Budget growth bulbs are there for the smaller stock exchange, but this does not detract from the effectiveness of the grow lamp. We call them budget because they are often a bit simpler. But the legal warranty of one year is also on these lamps.


Hortiled, as the name suggests, you come across in professional horticulture, such as in Westland, Aalsmeer, or our large greenhouse area around Venlo and the German border. Much of our food that, for example, ends up at supermarkets such as Aldi & Jumbo, is grown using these grow lights.


Fluence was the first brand growing light that went to work with light beams such as their famous Spydr. In the meantime the competitors know this too, but this very reliable brand of grow lamp is still for sale and is therefore cheerfully burning in many nurseries.


SpectraBox, with well-known models such as the UFO and the BB series, has been the flagship of Ben for years, who imported these lamps for European hobby growers.

Growth panels

Growth panels are inexpensive quantum board breeding panels that can cool well without an active fan. This saves the purchase for your vegetable garden, because cooling is essential for the efficiency and lifetime of your LED grow lamp.

Growmol LED grow lamp - The LED department store


We hope to be able to deliver Growmol again soon, because this has always been a runner. The manufacturer currently indicates that the lamp is out of production for now, but there may be an even more powerful version or a completely new line of grow lights. We will keep you informed.

Apollo LED Grow Innovations

Apollo LED Grow Innovations are currently the best LED grow lights when it comes to price-quality ratio. The growth lamps are all full-spectrum, which makes them suitable for both the growth of the plant and the flowering period. Ideal for plants that ultimately have to produce large tops of fruits.

LED breeding bars LED grow lights - The LED department store

LED breeding bars

LED breeding rods are used in many applications, such as Danish carts, growing young plants, but also if the house plants get too little light in the house or office. Many models have white light and are therefore not annoying in a work, home or shopping environment.

Breeding strips LED breeding lights - The LED department store

LED breeding strips

LED breeding strips offer two major advantages: flexibility and a low purchase price. They are available in various sizes and spectrums. The nice thing about these flexible grow lights is that they can be shortened with scissors to your specific grow room.

LED grow lights - The LED department store

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