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10 Reasons why LED is better than HPS

10 Reasons why LED is better than HPS

10 times rather LED

HPS lighting is still by far dominant among growers. The biggest reason for this is that it has worked fine so far. If something works well, most people will not quickly try something new, especially if you have to invest in an LED grow light. HPS lighting is cheap to purchase, which is why an investment in a greenhouse complex or growing room remains low.

We understand the thinking of these best growers and gardeners, but it is not correct. The LED grow light is a better investment and pays for itself faster than you think. See here 10 reasons why you should immediately switch to LED grow lighting.

1. Lower power consumption so lower energy costs with LED

The biggest advantage of LED grow lights is the low power consumption. LED lamps use only 50% of the energy that HPS needs for the same result. That means you save 50% on the electricity bill.

The efficiency of LED grow lights is expected to increase in the coming years. As a result, the results are better without using more power. The payback period of an LED grow light is 2 to 3 years.

2. The plant grows faster with LED grow lights

It has already been shown through many tests that LED grow lights have better results than HMS or other high pressure lamps. These results are particularly visible in the growth phase of the plant. The growth of your plant is on average 15% faster with an LED grow lamp. Thanks to an effective light spectrum, better results can also be achieved in the flowering phase.

3. Your plants will grow taller

Due to the faster growth with LED lighting, the plants and flowers often also grow larger, up to an average of 10%. The reason for this is that the light spectrum of the LED lamp ensures that more photosynthesis takes place in the plant. This creates more leaves and also more fruit or flower.

4. LED lamps last longer

High-pressure radium, sodium lamps often only last a year, because this lighting uses combustion to provide light. That shortens the lifespan enormously.
Most LED grow lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, with normal use that means that you don't have to make a new purchase for the next 8 years. That makes a difference! After a LED lamp has been earned back in 3 years, the next 5 years are pure profit.

5. An LED grow light hardly gets warm

Also one of the bigger advantages of LED grow lights is that little heat is emitted. In most greenhouse complexes, heat must be removed to maintain the optimum climate for plants and flowers. There is no such excess heat with LED.

An LED lamp can also hang closer to the plant, which increases the efficiency of the lighting. This also saves on watering and feeding, since the plant consumes less.

6.Plug & Play

High-pressure lamps often consist of complicated systems with a reflector, ballast and control gear.
Most LED grow lights in us Product Range are plug & play with only one plug that can be plugged into any socket. An LED lamp is one system that can be hung anywhere and can function without power current. No more hassle with installation!

7. More efficient lighting with LED

By using multiple LEDs in one lamp and special lenses that refract the light, LED grow lights can often illuminate a wider surface. You can also hang the lamps closer to the plant because the LED lamps hardly get warm. This way the plant can benefit even more from the intensity of the light.

8. The ability to dim

With most high-pressure grow lights, it is not possible to dim the light. You always use the full light intensity and therefore also use the maximum wattage (and power consumption) of the lamp.

The latest technology in the field of LED lighting has Active Dimming, which also reduces the power consumption of the lamp when it is dimmed. Dimming LEDs has become increasingly easy, nowadays this can be done on the grow lamp itself, with a remote control or even with an app on your phone. Very Smart, such an LED lamp.

9. Less pesticides needed

By adding UV light and white light (+6000K), fungi and bad bacteria that affect your plants or flowers are less likely to develop. In combination with less heat, there is less chance that fungi can thrive in the soil and leaves of your plants. Also have a look at this article about spider mites.

10. Increasingly attractive prices

The prices of LED grow lights have been falling for years. The reason for this is that more use is being made of LED. This allows production to be scaled up and costs to fall. We see that reflected in the prices.

Fortunately, we keep our prices up-to-date, and you always pay too little

You already heard it… so it is becoming increasingly interesting to switch to LED grow lighting!