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Successful flowering results with LED growth lighting

Successful flowering results with LED growth lighting

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Tips for good growth and flowering results with LED lighting

Plants and flowers love their natural environment in which there is enough water and light. With an inner garden, the intention is to simulate the natural habitat as well as possible, but how do you do that? Here some valuable tips.


Our sun is always a good indicator for some plants and flowers most comfortable to grow under. The sun shines 10 to a maximum of 16 hours a day so adjust your lighting to it. With a timer or dimmer you can ensure that your plant always gets the right amount of light. Keep in mind that after the light has been switched off, the photosynthesis will continue, then the plant goes into 'sleep'. Just as with people, sleeping is restoring and with that you build energy to grow again the next day, give your plant or fruit the space for it. 

Water and Nutrition

Make sure the crop gets the right amount of water, feel regularly how things are with the breeding ground of the plant. Too dry is not good, but not too wet, make sure that the surface is moist but not 'muddy'. Plants like the equal supply of water to continue to grow constantly. So it's better to give a little water every day than, for example, a large amount once a week. The leaves sprinkle with water is also a good addition. Unlike, for example, high -pressure lamps (HPS), LED does not give up that much heat. As a result, your plant consumes less and you will have to adjust the amount of water and food to the new situation, so reduce. 


A LED growing bulb Is hardly hot (max. 26 degrees), but that does not mean that you want the crop to grow against your lamps. There may be no direct combustion, but 'irradiation'. The plant then gets too much light and cannot process it. Signs of this are that the leaves become darker in color or curl, the handle can also get a dried out appearance. Make sure you recognize this in time and the lamp does not hang too close to your plants, keeps at least 20 cm. Distance. Up to 1 meter distance from the crop there is another advantage, namely light distribution, the higher the lamp hangs the greater the light surface. But beware: if the growth lamp is too high, it is possible that there is not enough light intensity so that your plant does not perform optimally. Depending on the wattage of your LED growth lamp, adjust the distance to the crop. Consult the prescribed height per growth lamp, then in most cases you have a good mix between light intensity and light distribution. 

Success with the growth and flowering of the crops. For questions about your ideal LED grow lamp you can always us reaches.