Kweken; dat kan het hele jaar door! - Het LED Warenhuis

breeding; you can do that all year round!

With Led Grow Lighting, growing is made very easy and economical! You can now grow all year round, even in winter. There is a solution for every type of plant, do you want to know which one applies to you? Then read on!

Growing plants in the spring with LED grow lighting

You can grow very well in the spring with LED grow lighting. You can also use the light from the sun by placing the plants behind glass. Keep in mind that the window should face south so that your plants can absorb a lot of light during the day. It is wise to shine a (small) LED grow light and to give the plant enough water because behind a window there is a greater chance that the plant will dry out. In this way, spring is perfect for growing peppers, bell peppers or tomatoes.

Growing plants in winter with LED grow lighting

Normally you cannot grow in the winter, but with LED grow lighting that is not a problem. You could again put your plants in front of the windows, but that is not nearly enough. In winter it is important that the plants get the right light for a long time. Make sure you shine LED grow lights on it for at least 8 hours. The number of hours differs per plant, so always make sure you do proper research into the plant you want to grow. If a plant does not get or has not had enough light, the stem will grow too long. The plant is then, as it were, looking for more light, which is not favorable because this energy must be used in the width and flowering. The number of hours of light is therefore very important. If you take this into account, you can also get very good breeding results in winter.

Type of LED grow lighting

In most cases, a "7-band" or "12-band" spectrum will do you very well. These Types of LED grow lights have enough grow light(especially blue) and bloom light(especially red, far red). In addition, these lamps also have extra light colors such as green, infrared and different types of white light. These 2 light spectra are very suitable for most plants. If you have plants that just need to grow and not flower, you can also use "5-band" LED grow lights.

Economical grow lighting

LED Grow Strip 1 meter (DIY)

LED Grow Strip 60 CM

LED Grow Lamp E27 (18 x 3 Watt Par)

18x3w LED Grow Light