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Choose a suitable LED spotlight before the job starts!

Choose a suitable LED spotlight before the job starts!

The best light for jobs is especially clear and cool light so that you can distinguish every detail from your work. This way you can still see perfectly when painting, even without daylight, which places you still need to cover. There are of course many more factors that you can take into account before you purchase an LED spotlight. Do you want to know which one? Then read on!


Stands for every application

A good LED spotlight for jobs is handy, but then the lamp must be able to stand firmly. It is also easy to turn the lamp so that you can focus the light without difficulty. Most LED spotlight have a small tripod on the back that meets for most purposes. This LED spotlight can also be attached to the wall. This also makes them suitable for use as a permanent light for the garden or under the carport. The LED spotlight with a special ground stand are ideally suited for the demanding handyman who wants to easily move and adjust its light.

Which wattage should I choose for my LED spotlight?

For many household chores, an LED spotlight of 30 Watt or 50 Watt is satisfactory, for example painting, wallpapering or put tiles. For small, simple chores, a 10 or 20 Watt LED spotlight can offer a solution when the object needs to be highlighted is not large. With large surfaces you have a more powerful LED spotlight of 100 watts or more. The higher the wattage, the further and usually the light shines wider.

Light color of an LED spotlight

The ideal light color for odd jobs is a cool white light color of 6000K. This light color lets color and contrast the most or it is a very clear, bright light color. The neutral 4500K or even 2700K is more suitable for, for example, lighting in the garden or carport. 2700K is pre -eminently warm light and is more suitable for atmosphere lighting where you do not necessarily have to see every detail.

I- & IP classification LED SchinwerperLED spotlight

In Europe it is mandatory that all LED spotlights are tested according to European standards. When a lamp is tested, it will get an IP and IP classification.

These 2 values ​​show the following:

Inik value = the extent to which the LED construction lamp is resistant to mechanical impacts. The higher the value, the more the lamp can take a beating. The maximum I value is 10.

IP value = the extent to which the LED construction lamp is resistant to moisture and dust where IP-67 is the maximum classification. Then the lamp is completely dust and waterproof.


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