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E27 LED growth lamp test results

E27 LED growth lamp test results


E27 LED growth lamp test results 
"Does Maarten have a weed nursery?"

The only way to really know something is to test it, and we did that. Or rather, we asked Maarten Bore for one of our E27 LED growth lamps For us too to test.

Good luck? Yes, the results don't lie. His neighbors thought he had started a weed nursery, but nothing is of course less true. 

Results with the E27 LED growth lamp

With the lamp on the timer (16 hours on and 8 hours out) the seeds soon rose under the pink light. In the meantime a lot of tomatoes, herbs, carrots and beans are waiting.

All plants are now outside to enjoy the spring sun.

In addition, you will find the result after 2 months. The growth lamp has given the plants a good lead at the stage of germination and pre -growing.

Thanks to Maarten.


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