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How do I get rid of Spint?


Everything about Spint

Spint is a microscopic animal with eight legs and is family of the mites and spiny. Spint lives on your plant and suck out the juice. Do you get all the jitters? Then don't read on ...

Help, spider! How is this possible?

Whether or not to get a spint can have a lot of causes such as low humidity or poor exposure. In many houses, the humidity is too low for a number of average house plants. This low humidity ensures an enlarged chance of spider herself. Not every plant is sensitive to spider, some plants are never bothered because the mite here simply does not feel comfortable. The Ficus almost always has a spint, so you can't always do anything about it. These are still a number of causes of Spint:

  • Poor maintenance, resulting in a reduced resistance of your plant
  • Old (pot) soil, with "exhausted" soil, the plant is much more susceptible to spider
  • Insufficient fertilization
  • Water shortage
  • Madly light

How do you get rid of Spint?

In fact, Spint is a parasite and since your plant is being affected, it is also seen as a plant disease. The eggs of the spider mites can survive in the soil of the plant. A little spinting doesn't hurt, but if you really want to get rid of it is simply removing the plant and putting on a new one is not enough. With Spint, therefore not only replace the plant, but also the (pot) soil and ensure that the pot is cleaned well before you use it again.

Space, water and air

In order not to let your new tomato culture come into contact with spider again, you can preferably give the plant more space, so ensure a larger pot and fertilize your plant regularly. Rainwater instead of normal water can also do wonders, since there are more natural enzymes that like your plants. In the end there is with like us: in every inner plant also a little "outside". To keep the humidity good, you can regularly sprinkle the plant with water by means of A plant sprayer.


Too much or too little light can influence spider, with an overkill of light your plant does not get enough time to recover and this gives our spider -like friend more chance. Ensure a balanced light pattern. This is also possible by means of LED breeding lighting.


You can also fight it organically. You can do this by placing predatory mites and reverberation on the leaf. These critters can be purchased at the horticulture wholesalers.

Home, garden and kitchen tips

You can fight by spraying the leaves with a sturdy jet of water if the plant can stand it. You can also turn the spider with spirit - use a brush or a cotton swab. You can even put the plant outside for a few weeks so that nature can do its work. Place the plant in such a way that snails cannot reach it. Finally, you can also go to the garden center for various resources and advice.

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