Informatie over aankopen en retourneren - Het LED Warenhuis

We are happy to be clear

You is reading More and more often that web stores are fined for non -compliance with the rules for web stores. The rules have been drawn up by the ACM (Consumer and Market Authority) And ensure that consumers are protected in their (online) purchases.
The LED department store believes it is important that the rights of you as a consumer are respected, which is why we are happy to be clear about the return procedure.


After purchasing your LED product you have 14 days to change your mind to cancel the order. You can cancel without giving reasons, but we would like to hear your feedback so that we can improve our company. From the moment of cancellation you have to return the lamp within 14 days. We are not the worst. For example, if you cannot return within 14 days, that is not a problem, let us know so that we can take this into account. Returning is not necessary, because this is very expensive. Our advice is to send a package with Track & Trace, so it is always to be traced that the package has arrived.
After the LED lamp has been received by us, you will receive your money back within 14 days, this concerns the purchase amount + the shipping costs we received from you during the purchase. You pay the shipping costs of the return. In some cases we can deviate from this in consultation.

Purchases via the internet, is that safe?

Since more and more people are going to make their purchases online, we as a webshop get this question more and more often. Of course we can only speak for ourselves about this subject. The LED department store considers safety, discretion and reliability important. To shop with a certain feeling on our site you can contact us. We are happy to guide you during the purchase on our Site. Do you want more certainty? Payment methods are available at the LED department store to guarantee your purchase. For example, think of PayPal and credit card/MasterCard Where your purchase is insured.

As usual, we are happy to assist you with questions.