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Mother Bloom: The vision behind the LED grow light

Mother Bloom: The vision behind the LED grow light

Nowadays we are very concerned with our food, we all want fresh vegetables and even the herbs can't be fresh enough. This view of food can be very tiring because you always have to find out where it comes from and how it was grown or grown. What if you could grow your own vegetables and herbs all year round? Then you always know where your vegetables and herbs come from. Just from under the Mother Bloom! Do you want to know what you can use the Mother Bloom for? Then read on! Mother logo

Who is Mother?

Mother is a new company that has specialized in LED grow lights for at home. The company is based in Belgium and are ready to convince the world of their view on growing, food and self-sufficient living. The LED grow lights they make fit in perfectly with this and have everything to achieve a great success.

And what is Mother's vision?

Mother has a very distinct view on the way we grow and consume food. They see themselves as a network and as a kind of breeding ground for all ideas related to self-sufficient living. Mother tries to convert these ideas into sustainable products and then mass-produce them for everyone.

According to Mothers, we are currently very dependent on, for example, supermarkets for our food and we pay quite a lot for it. It should go without saying that everyone has access to water, food and electricity. If everyone has access to these basic needs, every person can focus on developing themselves and exercising their talents. Self-sufficient life would be on the

What is Self-Sufficient Living?

In essence, with self-sufficiency you take care of yourself so you provide food, energy and water without the help of an external party, which is often the government.
There are several ways to do this, including the more traditional way of limiting the simplicity of life and luxury. This is the group often labeled as the "goats woolen socks" movement. Nowadays, a new group has emerged that is looking for more in the latest technological developments. They are convinced that self-sufficiency does not necessarily mean that you have to live in a hut on the moor.

The new group wants to exert more influence on its own living environment with the help of smart architecture and high-tech products and materials. This can significantly reduce energy costs indoors. Perhaps we are moving towards a future in which the future resident himself can determine the degree of dependence and the associated environmental impact. Which ultimately also provides a major environmental benefit. Mother LED grow light

How does Mother contribute to self-sufficiency?


Mother only makes products that help people live more self-sufficiently instead of depending on others.


Mother's products are designed to last a lifetime by choosing the right materials and using techniques that are suitable for long-term enjoyment.


The prices of Mother's products are determined by demand, as they can only make their high-quality products affordable through large-scale production.

Mother LED Grow Light

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