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Optimal padel lighting

Racket sport from Spain

The RacketSport Padel has come over from Spain, where in the meantime more than 4 million players have come to the Padelbaan every week for an exciting pot of padel.
In the Netherlands, Padel is indispensable and we have had a real Dutch padel championship for 3 years where the absolute top in Dutch padel sport compensate against each other.

KNLBTThe KNLBT (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Bond) and the NPB (Nederlandse Padel Bond) have recently merged so that the game and match rules can be determined even better and to comply. But even in the construction of new sports facilities, the KNLBT wants to promote that enough space is released for Padelsport and which also meet international requirements. This means, among other things, that clear guidelines are in terms of lighting.

Growing popularity

That Padelsport is gaining popularity is very clear when we take the numbers. In the Netherlands there are currently 177 locations with a total of 360 padel courts, of which there are 290 at 140 different tennis clubs and 70 at commercial centers. The number of teams also grew enormously in the competition. In 2019 there were still 450 teams, but in the meantime there are already more than 700! In the number of locations, a growth is expected this year from 40 to 50 new playing locations. At the same time, hard work is being done on new possibilities to make the sport accessible and to further speed up their financing.


Official light standards for Padel

A good light installation is important for the quality of playing in a covered track or in the evenings. Below are the most important minimum conditions that the light must meet according to the NOC*NSF and the KNLBT. We will always recommend rising slightly above the minimum conditions as the light always decreases slightly over the years.

Table L light requirements Padel

Furthermore, it is important that the lighting columns are placed outside the field and are in the safety zone (out of the court area), so it is not possible to play outside the field. The light point height must have a minimum height of 6 meters from the ground to the light source.

What can the LED department store offer?

We have light experts and a whole bump of experience at home. After all, we have been active in the world of sports field lighting for more than 10 years. We can supply multiple brands and types of sports field lighting where the choice depends on the type of field and for which it will be used. As you can see in the table above, a training field has less high light requirements than a field where they will play competitive.

Padelbaan 2

It is also possible to install lighting that can easily be dimmed to the desired level. As a club, for example, you can use the energy more sustainably as a padel track for training and competitions can be used. We offer a specific solution for every situation where we take into account all the requirements of the NOC*NSF and the KNLBT.

A selection from our range:

Lighting plans

We all do this in close consultation with the club or installer and we make a detailed light calculation so that it can be determined in advance which light fixtures can best be used. We also take into account any light nuisance when the track or jobs in an inhabited area, along national roads or near Flora and Fauna is located. With a good light calculation, we can organize the light as optimally as possible in advance.

Have you become curious about what we can do for your club or association? Or are you an installer and curious about our range of sports field lighting?

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