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Top 10 LED grow lights 2018Top 10

The top 10 LED grow lights 2018 is known!


Also in 2018 we did our utmost to be careful Top 10 LED grow lights to make. Relative to Top 10 from 2017 A considerable series of LED grow lights have been added. The lamps below have been assessed on price, lifetime, materials used, warranty and PAR value. We hope through this top 10 that you can easily choose your new one LED breeding lamp can make.

10 - Black Dog

 Top 10 LED grow lights 2018


Due to the power and the technique used, Phytomax-2 LED grow lights are also the grow lights with the largest footprint (reach). In addition, the light is spread very evenly, which causes virtually no hotspots, as is the case with many other LED brands. All plants within the footprint will therefore receive practically the same amount of light and the chance of burning or fading of plants that are within a hotspot is nil.


Finally, some attention for the cooling system of the Phytomax-2 LED grow lights from Black Dog. Phytomax-2 grow lights have ultra-quiet fans and extremely large cooling plates, which ensure perfect processing of warmth. As a result, Phytomax-2 grow lights remain cool and therefore release many times less heat than, for example, HPS grow lights. This ensures that you have to remove less heat and keep the climate under control in the grow room much better.

Price: from 825.00 to 3319.00 euros depending on the wattage 3 stars
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 4 stars
Used materials: stainless steel and SMD/5 Watt LEDs 
Warranty 2 years 
PAR VALUE: reasonable 

9 -Bio Fluence Spydrx


Fluence Spydr Top 10

The Spydr LED grow lights have a whole "new" scientific approach of growing with LED. There is only a look at par and slightly efficiency and that literally bears fruit. The lamp consists of a number of horizontal breeding strips with a vertical housing that provides the whole with power. Advantage: wide light spread and in 2 types 330 Watt (Spydrx) and 660 Watt (Spydrx Plus) LED Power. Disadvantage: the lamp is very expensive compared to the amount of wattage.

Price: from around 1,000 euros
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Used materials: full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses.
Guarantee: 2 years 
PAR Value: high i.c.m. large light distribution 

8 - Super UFO


Super UFO top 10

May I introduce you: the newest generation LED UFO grow lamp for growth and bloom of plants and flowers. The LED breeding light started with the UFO about 4 years ago, which has now evolved to a powerful machine with all the characteristics of the perfect LED grow lamp. The LED UFO grow lamp is available in 7 bands and a 12 bands spectrum and in one 90 Watt or 144 Watt performance.

The benefits of the new LED UFO lamp in a row:

- 80% energy saving

- Powerful 3watt LEDs of American descent

- Noise -poor cooling system

- Special convex lens for spreading angle of 150 degrees

- Made from tempered steel and PVC for more safety

Price: from 225 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: stainless steel and plastic 
Guarantee: 2 years 
PAR VALUE: reasonable 

7: Mars Hydro Pro II


Mars Hydro Top 10

The Mars-Hydro Pro II Version uses 5 Watt Cree LED chips. There are few grow lights that use these chips because they get warmer than normal LEDs. This is only possible with an advanced cooling system. The LEDs have a high par value and quality. The Mars-Hydro Pro II Models also have a few versions with Epistar LEDs. The big advantage of the Mars-Hydro is the extensive range. It is possible to replace the old HPS/HP lamps from 250 to 800 watts with half of the wattage with LED.

Price: from 125 euros
Lifespan: 30,000 hours 
Used materials: Bridgelux or SMD chips
Guarantee: 2 years 
PAR VALUE: reasonable 



In 2050 we will be on our earth with 9 billion people. In the future there will not be enough agriculture to provide us with food. That is why we have to deal with alternatives, such as the vertical rising of fruit and vegetables. That is possible with this energy -efficient Pulp. Take a first step to grow your own vegetables and flowers without daylight. You can also Pulp Use to give your house plants an extra boost during the dark days of the year. And that without worrying about power consumption.

Price: from 50 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 burning 
Used materials: Cree LEDs, stainless steel all spectrums 
Guarantee: 3 years 
PAR VALUE: high concentrations par in core of the lamp 


Part of the Hortilight family and better than his brother at number 10. The Scrog Master uses multiple breeding bars (grow-bars) of 120 cm length that are linked to one system. It looks like number 3, the Spydr but is dimmable and the LED rods can be rotated separately, this makes the whole a flexible system. The disadvantage is that few independent results are known.

Price: From 750 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: Full-spectrum, stainless steel and aluminum. 
Guarantee: 2 years 
PAR VALUE: Gradual amount par. 

4: LED panel 50 Watt 


50 Watt LED growing panel

Perfect for every inner garden and greenhouse. With this LED breeding panel Do you have a piece of quality for a very competitive price. From now on you are only 1 plug from beautiful plants in full bloom. There are 2 switches on the growth panel, each operating a separate group of LEDs. Both switches are connected to one plug for optimum convenience. One switch serves the LEDs for growth, the others activates the LEDs for the flowering phase of the plant. Very handy to give that extra boost to your plant. Available in the 12-band Spectrum (full-spectrum).

Price: from 99.95 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: Full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses. 
Guarantee: 2 years 
PAR VALUE: High i.c.m. Large light distribution, gradual amount of par. 

3 - Spectra Box




The SpectraBox Just like the UFO has been around for years. 5 years ago the flowering phase was hardly activated because only 2 colors of light was used. That ensured that bad reviews about LED growth bulbs were written. The SpectraBox Afterwards reinvented itself and is still one of the top LED breeding lights in the world.

Price: from 220 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: CREE LEDS, FULL-SPECTRUM Possible 
Guarantee: 2 or 3 years 
PAR VALUE: high concentrations par in core of the lamp 

2 - Apollo grow lamp

Apollo Top 10

The undisputed number 2, this year also very high in the top 10 is again the Apollo. It remains one of the more famous LED grow lights with still good results. With no less than 10 different models (Apollo 2 to Apollo 20) This lamp is interesting for every grower. The good price-quality ratio The Apollo to a popular product. Advantage, low price in proportion to performance.
Price: From 165 to 750 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: Cree LEDs, Full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses. 
Guarantee: 3 years 
PAR VALUE: Generally large light distribution 

1 - Child growing lamps series

Child LED top 10

The best LED breeding light from 2017 is the Child LED series. Child comes from the US and has undergone a long development before they have launched this series. Only the best materials are used and the spectrum is of unparalleled quality. Kind has brought 2 series on the market, the K3 series consists of 4 high -quality LED grow lights with a wattage up to 320 watts (comparable to a 600 HPS/HP lamp). In addition, there is the K5 series with 2 powerful XL variants that give up to 150x150 cm light spread. The extra advantage of the K5 series is that it can be fully programmed by means of the control panel.
Price: From around 1,000 euros 
Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
Used materials: Cree LEDs, Full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses. 
Guarantee: 3 years 5 star LED breeding lamp
PAR VALUE: High i.c.m. Large light distribution, large light core. 


All the aforementioned lamps are good at what they do. It is important that you know what the lamp should do for you. A 120 Watt SpectraBox is perhaps the best choice in a small space. That is in the large breeding room Apollo or CHILD. Therefore, let the seller advise you well and ask the seller. The service and after sales are of course of great importance.

Tips on purchase

- Warranty is largely dependent on the supplier, so make sure they use the minimum above manufacturer's warranty.

- Take a look at the LED breeding lights of the LED department store.