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Top 10 LED grow lights 2019

We arrived again at the end of the year and that naturally includes overviews! Also this year there are a lot of newcomers and the developments in LED growing area go as always! We have already made a top 10 for the year 2018 so now it is 2019's turn. Are you curious about which LED grow lamp is on 1? Then read on!

10: SpectraBox Gold 4S


SpectraBox Gold 4S Top 10


The spectrabox Gold series has undergone a change this year and is now equipped with 3 Watt Osram LEDs and impressive 5 Watt Hybrid Cob LEDs combined with High-Beam Lenses. This combination  Ensures a powerful depth radiation, which highlights the entire plant.

Due to the smart application of dimmers, the growth and flowering light can be continuously adjusted independently of each other. Handy from SpectRobox!

Price: from 299 to 559 euros depending on the wattage 
Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: stainless steel and 5 watt Hybrid Cobs 

Warranty 2 years 



9: Black Dog Phytomax-2


Due to the power and the technique used, Phytomax-2 LED grow lights are also the grow lights with the largest footprint (reach). In addition, the light is spread very evenly, which causes virtually no hotspots, as is the case with many other LED brands. All plants within the footprint will therefore receive practically the same amount of light and the chance of burning or fading of plants that are within a hotspot is nil.

 Also this year the Black Dog Phytomax-2 is not missing! If you are looking for a lamp with a large footprint, the Phytomax-2 series is for you. The light is spread evenly, so there are no hotspots, as is the case with many other lamps. All plants get the same amount of light and grow equally quickly without burning or fading.

The Phytomax-2  Grow lights from Black Dog Have a very quiet cooling system and extremely large cooling plates, which ensure the perfect cooling. These lamps remain cool and release much less heat than an HPS lamp. Maintain control over the temperature in your grow room with the Phytomax-2!

Price: from 825.00 to 3319.00 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: stainless steel and SMD/5 Watt LEDs 

Warranty 2 years 

PAR VALUE: reasonable 


8: Maxbloom

Maxbloom Top 10


This is the new revolution in LED breeding lamp area! Why? This lamp uses a combination of strong 100W epistar LED Cobs and 5W Cree LEDs. The Cobs provide the red 660NM light that ensure that your flowers start to bloom perfectly and the Epistar LEDs let your plant grow to unprecedented heights.

The Maxbloom You can dimming lamps from 0 to 100%, giving you more freedom about what the spectrum will look like. You can also adjust the light without having to adjust the lamp in height. You can combine this with variations in the burning hours. The possibilities go very far with this lamp.

Price: from 424 to 724 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Epistar Cobs and 5W Cree LEDs
Warranty 2 years 



7: Mars Hydro Pro II

The Mars-hydro Pro II is a special grow lamp because it uses 5 Watt Cree LEDs. There are very few grow lights that use these LEDs because they get warmer than normal LEDs. Due to the advanced cooling system, the Mars-hydro Pro II to keep his head cool. The grow lamp has high PAR values ​​and a good distribution of light. Lamps are also available in this series with Epistar LEDs. The Mars-Hydro range is large and there is a suitable lamp for everyone.

Price: from 125 euros

Lifespan: 30,000 hours 

Used materials: Cree or Epistar Chips

Guarantee: 2 years 

PAR VALUE: reasonable 


6: Bloombeast

Bloombeast Top 10

The large breeding sample has awakened and is mercilessly looking for plants that hide in the dark. The monster has the name “BloombeastGot because with his 13 different wavelengths, he gets every plant moving. He can grow them to heights that even make the most experienced grower shudder. It doesn't matter what you want to grow, the Bloombeast will grow them monstrously quickly!

The Bloombeast A lot of light radiates and that can be seen in the consistent PAR values. The cause is the strong 100 Wat Epistar LED Cobs and multiple of 5 Watt Bridgelux LEDs. This benefits the leaf penetration so that every leaf of your plant can enjoy this LED grow lamp

Price: from 379 to 1094 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Epistar Cobs and 5W Bridgelux LEDs

Warranty 2 years 

PAR VALUE: very Good  

5: Child XL
Child Top 10

Last year stood CHILD XL series still at number 1 but this year has CHILD have to hand in his place. NAlways in a very neat 5th place! Child comes from the US and has gone through a very long development before they have launched the XL series. Child uses only the best materials and the spectrum is designed after years of research. The results are impressive! With a light distribution of 150 x 150 cm we have to deal with a real breeding king!

Price: From around 1,000 euros 

Lifespan: 50,000 hours 

Used materials: Cree LEDs, Full-spectrum, stainless steel, optical lenses.

Guarantee: 3 years 

PAR VALUE: High i.c.m. Large light distribution, large light core. 


4: Growsun II
Growsun Top 10

The Growsun Growing lights are back! This time with the Growsun II Series, one of the top products in our webshop. With this LED grow lamp you can achieve excellent growth and flowering results. Due to the powerful 100 Watt Epistar Cobs, even the lower leaves of your plants are not forgotten. Due to the strong optical lenses that break the light at an angle of 120 degrees, footprints of 152 x 121 cm are reached. And all for a very affordable price!


Price: from 279 to 524 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Epistar Cobs

Warranty 2 years 

PAR VALUE: very Good 


3: Migro
Migro Top 10

The Migro 100 is an impressive LED grow lamp and also the only LED grow lamp that Migro makes. The other Migro products are different configurations of the same MIGRO 100 LED grow lamp. Very smart because they provide a handy hanging tripod with which you can optimally control the light distribution. The COB that is processed in this lamp radiates warm white light that can be used as a full spectrum COB.  With Migro you get something very special at home!

Price: from 269 to 1349 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Cobs

Warranty 2 years 

PAR VALUE: Excellent


2: Apollo

Apollo Top 10

This year the Apollo Series had a makeover with a completely new face including new logo and packaging. The undisputed number 2, this year also very high in the top 10 is again the Apollo. It is one of the more famous LED grow lights with still good results! The series has no fewer than 10 different models, making it interesting for every grower. The reason for the success? A very good price-quality ratio that only gets better!

Price: from 169 to 825 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & 3W Cree LEDs

Warranty 3 years 

PAR VALUE: Excellent


1: Spectrum King SK series
Spectrum King Top 10

We would like this year Spectrum King Put in the sun because they have been making LED grow lights for a long time. With the SK series they really have a gem in their hands!

Spectrum King is a special brand in the field of LED breeding lighting. After 5 years of research, Spectrum King finally made the LED breeding light and the spectrum they wanted. The entire development and production takes place in the US. Unlike many other brands, the Spectrum King makes much more use of white light and UV light. The idea behind this is that they want to create an environment that is as natural as possible for the plant. Spectum King is for the experienced grower who wants more control over the process. It is possible to control multiple SK602 LED breeding lights by means of a laptop. You can program them, for example, to simulate a sunrise or downfall. Only at Spectrum King are these advanced options possible and that is why Spectrum is number 1 this year!

Price: from 999 to 1649 euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: +50,000 burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & Cree LEDs

Warranty 3 years 

PAR VALUE: Excellent