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Top 5 LED grow lights 2020

It seems to be a very good year for LED breeding lighting. There is more choice than ever and for every budget there are good LED grow lights or growth lamps. It doesn't matter what you want to grow because there is a suitable LED grow lamp for each scenario! As you are used to from us, we have made a list with the 5 most interesting LED grow lights for 2020. We take performance but also price into account.


5:  Spectrolight

Spectrolight has shown that they are a worthy player in the world of LED grow lights. The lamps are completely manufactured in Europe and a lot of research was preceded. The spectrum is designed to give your plants even growth and also to shorten the growth cycle. The lamps are dimmable (from blast 400) and produce little heat due to the smart cooling system.

 Spectrolight Top 5

According to Spectrolight, they can burn up for up to 100,000 hours and they are very sure about this because you get a whopping 5 year warranty on these beautiful LED grow lights. If you are looking for the best for your plants, vegetables or fruits, the LED grow lights from Spectrolight are your best choice.

Product page Spectrolight

Price: from € 299 to € 1915,- euros depending on the Wattage 
Lifespan: 100,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum & 100W Cobs

Warranty: 5 years 

PAR VALUE: very Good 


4: SpectraBox

The LED grow lights from SpectRobox are also in our list this year because these lamps continue to receive good reviews. That is not for nothing because this full spectrum LED grow lights have LEDs from, among others, and an efficiency of approximately 2.25 μmol /watt. SpectraBox supplies its LED grow lights with ultra -quiet fans, which ensure cooling but then whisper quiet! The LED growth bulbs from SpectRobox are always a good choice!

SpectRobox Top 5

Product page SpectRobox

Price: from € 129.90 to € 749,- Euro depending on the Wattage 

Lifespan: 50,000 burning hours 
Used materials: Alluminum & Cree HPO LEDs 

Warranty: 2 years 

Par value: very Good 


3: Child

The LED grow lights of child are always special! Last year they replaced the K3 series with the XL series. This series only existed in the higher segment, but they have now also given this name to the lower segment. The lamps themselves have also been completely renewed and have been carefully considered about the distribution of the light over the surface. There are no LEDs in the middle of the fixture, this ensures that you have less problems with hotspots. This means that your plants have less chance that they will get too much light.

The LEDs have also been renewed and in particular the UV LEDs have continued a considerable improvement, so that your plants will form even more beautiful fruits. The taste will also be positively influenced. All these improvements have ensured that they are in this beautiful 3rd place.

Product page Child

Price: from € 179.95 to € 1595 euros depending on the Wattage 

Lifespan: 50,000+ burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & Cree LEDs 

Guarantee: 3 years 

PAR VALUE: very Good 

2: Mars Hydro

The new series from Mars Hydro show that an LED grow lamp does not always have to look like an alien spaceship. After all, it is about the LED technique and good cooling instead of a thick fixture that is sprayed in a striking color.Mars Hydro Top 5

 With the TS series, Mars Hydro has opted for a simple design of thinly hammered aluminum without fans. The cooling is provided by the fixture itself, this makes the fixture a little warmer than with other lamps, but that is taken into account.

The panel is a quantum LED board, this is a combination of SMD and COB LED techniques. The spectrum of these lamps are based on especially white LEDs, making it a very proportional spectrum with of course the well -known peaks in blue and red. 

Product page Mars Hydro

Price: from € 165 to € 309,- euros depending on the wattage 

Lifespan: 50,000+ burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & Epistar LEDs

Warranty: 2 years 

PAR VALUE: very Good 

1: Apollo LED Grow Innovations

Apollo LED Grow Innovations introduced a new LED breeding lamp series last year, namely the "Apollo Falcon". These LED growth bulbs are particularly well suited for Vertical Farming because they are extremely strong and ultra slim. You can easily store them in any breeding set -up and they are suitable for growth and flowering. There is not a single breeding light that is so slim than the Apollo Falcon.Apollo Falcon Top 5

Due to the accurately sought -after spectrum it is possible to give your plants even more color and taste. The Apollo Falcon uses white LEDs (3000K & 6000K) in combination with red LEDs (660NM), in front of the eye it looks like white light. This is very useful since you can detect any problems with your plants faster. Thanks to the smart use of materials and the slim design, the "Falcon" series of Apollo Led Grow Innovations has won this year!

Product page Apollo Falcon

Website Apollo LED Grow Innovations

Price: from € 104 to € 214,- Euro depending on the Wattage 

Lifespan: 50,000+ burning hours 

Used materials: Alluminum & Samsung/Osram 

Guarantee: 3 years 

PAR VALUE: Excellent