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What is the best LowBudget LED breeding lamp?

To be able to answer this question properly, we must first put it in a frame.
If we start from the following 3 situations, from a small surface to a 1 x 1 meter tent.

Situation 1: The LED grow lamp in the living room

You are looking for an LED growing lamp to give your living room (s) some extra light because they are in a dark corner or in a room where little daylight enters. If you want to give 1 large plant or several small plants extra light to grow, it is important to choose a lamp with a white spectrum. The plants are often in a living or office space.

For small to medium plants:

This lamp uses 15 LEDs of 1 watt each and the maximum consumption of this lamp is only 17 watts. The lamp can illuminate approximately 30 x 30 cm at 20 cm above the plant. This LED growing lamp uses a white growth spectrum, which means that a lot of blue has been incorporated into the spectrum. Here you can read why Blue is so important for growth.

For small to large plants:

This lamp uses 18 LEDs of 3 watts each with a maximum consumption of 36 watts. That makes this lamp a lot more powerful so that you can hang the 18x3W LED growing lamp higher above the plant. This lamp can illuminate 45 x 45 cm at a height of 30 cm and the lamp is also suitable for larger plants or several small plants. The white spectrum uses a lot of blue so that growth is stimulated well. Do you want to know more about growing light for your house plants? Then read our 2-part blog about house plants. Part 1 and Part 2.

Situation 2: The LED grow lamp in the cupboard.

You are looking for an LED grow lamp to grow in a cupboard, scaffolding or on a shelf on the wall, vegetables, herbs or fruit.

In this situation you are looking for so -called linear LED grow lamp, meaning that the lamp is elongated and is easy to mount relatively tight against the ceiling or plank.

To grow fruit and some herbs you need a lamp with full spectrum light, these lamps can be used the entire culture and is suitable for the growth & bloom of your plants. A lamp with a growth spectrum can meet for growing leafy vegetables.



Apollo Falcon series

The Apollo Falcon LED grow lights are very sought after since the lamps are very compact but still very strong. The lamp gives white full spectrum light and is therefore suitable for the growth & bloom. Due to the well -sized spectrum and the enormous amount of LEDs, this lamp gives good results and high PPFD values. The Pro Variant uses Samsung LEDs, these are the most sought after LEDs of the moment.Apollo Falcon


LED breeding strip:

For the smaller projects or as an additional light for smaller plants, there are LED breeding strips. These comics are also the perfect solution for small spaces such as a cupboard. The LED breeding strips are available in 2 different spectrums, namely a 4: 1: 1 spectrum with blue, red and white LEDs. There is also a full spectrum variant available, which has more colors for the flowering of your plants. The light that your plants receive from these strips can be enlarged by hanging several strips next to each other.

LED breeding rod:

The LED breeding rod is available in different spectra, namely Full Spectrum, 7-band and a white spectrum. The full spectrum and 7-band are suitable for the growth & bloom of your plants. The lamp uses different colors of LEDs that come together to a bundle, this gives the light the characteristic purple -like color. The white spectrum is intended for growth and radiates clearly 6,500k white light.


Situation 3: The LED grow lamp in the tent.

You are looking for an LED grow lamp to use in a 1x1 meter grow tent. In this situation we recommend an LED grow lamp with a consumption of at least 250 watts. The lamp must have a complete spectrum with a high efficiency and it must be the surface of a 1m2  (almost) get.

Mars Hydro TSW-20000:

This TSW-20000 LED grow lamp from Mars Hydro is very suitable for a 1m2 tent. The LED breeding light uses a white full spectrum, this works very well as you can quickly detect any problems/diseases quickly. The Mars Hydro TSW-2000 is dimmable so that you can reduce the wattage in the growth period. The LED breeding lamp then consumes less power and produces less heat.