Aigostar LED E5 Back-Lit Panel Light 3500K-6000K UGR19 32W 60x60 with or without plug

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Colour: 3500K - 6000K without plug

Aigostar LED E5 Back-Lit Panel Light 3500K-6000K UGR19 32W 60x60 with or without plug

3500K - 6000K without plug
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Product information

With the Aigostar LED E5 Back-Lit Panel Light you get advanced lighting technology. This innovative panel is designed to offer clear and comfortable lighting for different applications. With a color temperature of 3500K to 6000K you can adjust the light color to your needs, so you can always create the right atmosphere.

The panel is equipped with UGR19 technology, which means that it offers a low blind and contributes to a pleasant and productive working environment. Whether you use it in offices, schools, shops or other commercial spaces, the Aigostar LED E5 Panel Light ensures comfortable and energy -efficient lighting.

With a power of 32W and a size of 60x60 cm, this panel offers sufficient brightness and coverage to relieve the space evenly. Moreover, the LED technology is very energy efficient, so that you can save on energy costs and relieve the environment.

Choose the Aigostar LED E5 Back-Lit Panel Light and enjoy high-quality lighting with adaptable light color, low blind and energy saving. Upgrade your lighting system with this advanced panel and experience the difference in comfort and efficiency.

Discover the benefits of LED panel lighting with UGR19: the ultimate choice for comfortable working

In the search for optimum lighting for office environments and workplaces, LED panel lighting with UGR19 emerges as the ideal solution. But what makes this lighting so special and why should you definitely choose?

What is UGR19? UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating, a crucial measure of the assessment of glare in lighting systems. With a UGR value of 19 Lower, the lighting is experienced as very comfortable, especially in spaces where I have been used for a long time. UGR19 Lighting minimizes fatigue from the eyes and ensures a pleasant environment.

Why choose LED panel lighting with UGR19?

  1. Eye comfort: With a low UGR value, LED panel lighting reduces eye fatigue and increases visual comfort during long-term activities.

  2. Productivity: A comfortable working environment leads to improved concentration and sustainable productivity. LED panel lighting with UGR19 contributes to a traditional workflow.

  3. Energy efficiency: In addition to offering high-quality lighting, LED panels are also efficient, resulting in lower energy costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

  4. Modern aesthetics: LED panels offer a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates into various interiors, combining both functionality and style.

Conclusion: Choosing LED panel lighting with UGR19 invests in a better workplace. It not only offers high -quality lighting, but also the well -being of employees, which is essential for a successful company.

Upgrade today to LED panel lighting with UGR19 and experience the difference in comfort and performance in the workplace. Make the right choice for your company and invest in the future of lighting technology!

 Standard delivery is without a plug, but we can put on an EU plug for you. Which makes the panel plug and play.



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Mr. A.J. De Jong

Arie started experimenting this fall with growing plants indoors. Although he is busy in his allotment garden all season, there is little to do there in the winter. 🌱By growing indoors, he is 1-0 ahead of his allotment garden friends in the spring. #Binnenuinieren #GroeWingers

Marja Sundermeijer

Now that vegetables have become so expensive, Marja decided to grow them herself. But how do you do that without a garden on the 6th floor? After a lot of reading and with a little help from our employee, she managed to be able to enjoy her first harvest. 🌱🍅 #Stadstuinieren #self -food ruin


Are you proud of the project you are doing? Let others also enjoy your hobby or realization. Share your photo, video and/or breeding report with us and win fun goodies! We look forward to admiring and sharing your creations with our community. 🌟 #ShareYourLight

Olive tree

In our residential group, all residents wear their own backpack and are looking for a relaxed place where they can find peace. To meet this need of the residents, we have created an inner garden. Unfortunately the plants died because of the many blind walls, but thanks to the expert advice from the LED department store, our olive tree has come on top of it.

A life with progressive MS

Elise has been bearing the burden of progressive MS for 15 years. Despite medication that is no longer effective, cannabis offers the only lighting. Her brother helps her grow cannabis, essential because medicinal cannabis is not powerful enough. Growing together is a welcome hobby for Elise, especially because she can barely leave the house.

Mother Forest

We consciously purchased the Mother Forest, because we longed for more greenery in the house and wanted to enjoy fresh herbs and micro -freshs all year round. In addition, we noticed that it ensures an increased oxygen concentration and a less dry air in the house. We recently ordered an expansion set, because we strive for an even more varied vegetable garden.