Bilberry LED 160 Watt - Growing lamp with app control

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Trust is central to the LED department store.

At the LED department store we understand the diversity of growers, whether you are a professional grower or an enthusiastic hobbyist. From large greenhouses to cozy living rooms, we take every grower seriously and provide all your needs. Discover our range and breed with confidence!

Product information

Bilberry LED 160 Watt - Growing lamp with app control

Product description

We have used our experience that was gained during the collaboration with professional producers of vegetables, fruit and decorative plants. All luminaires from the Grow series are designed to minimize the amount of electricity consumed and at the same time retain excellent parameters. Their structure consists of an aluminum profile that acts as a cooling body. Thanks to their ribbed structure, they can effectively drain the heat to the environment, so that other elements are protected against damage. Additional advantages of passive cooling include silent effect, the lack of extra components that require power (fan) and a fault -free effect. Each fixture has a touch control panel with which we light the lights

can set sity level. With this you can also change the spectrum type in fullcycle luminaires. All products

 From the grow series are covered by a 5-year warranty.


  • Replaceable food and light sources,
  • Sustainability and waterproof (IP65)
  • Light spectrum optimized for growing specific plants in collaboration with specialists and research institutes,
  • Energy-saving, comparable installations with 40% less energy consumption compared to HPS natrium lamps
  • Modular structure of lighting fixtures,
  • With the touch controller you can: arrange the light intensity, change programs

A series of light spectra tested by a team of biotechnologists and individually selected for each plant species, depending on their needs and current growth phase.


LED light with 160W especially for growing plants in small and medium-sized growing trays of 60x60 and 80x80 cm.
Hang the lamp diagonally.

Extra functions:
-Dimmer: control of the light intensity
-Timer: schedule for operating time
-Recipes: proposed lighting conditions for selected plant species
-Son's relationship/sunrise: control of light intensity and light spectrum at the beginning and end of the day
-P. control: via a control panel directly on the device or via a mobile app, which is available free of charge via Google Play or the App Store.

Technical data:
-Light current: 360 µmol/s
-Dimensions: 500x112x112mm
-weight: 4.5 kg
-Power factor: 0.95
-Voeding voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz
-Light source: SMD Samsung/Osram
-Light distribution: 120 °, axial symmetrical
- Working temperature: 0 - 50 ° C
-Plant distance: 45cm
-Protection rate: IP65
-Heat drainage: Passive

The Bluetooth signal can also be completely switched off when it is not in use.
All products from the Grow series contain a 5-year warranty.
In the event of a power outage, the device settings are retained.
The power consumption is automatically reduced when the ambient temperature exceeds the limit.
The available power is used to the same extent in every light spectrum.

Grow 3style:
In order to meet the new challenges and needs of hemp producers, we have developed a lighting set -up that contains three different spectrums, each for each growth phase, to optimize plant growth and to maximize the yield.

-3 spectrums (growth, flowering, harvest)
-Developed by experts
-Solid and waterproof construction
-Free app
-Made in EU
-5 years warranty

Growth - Growth phase - Vegetative phase:
For the vegetative phase we have developed a special spectrum, which consists of white light and ensures a suitable red and blue light ratio. The grow-spectrum provides the compactness of plants, promotes the right root development and makes efficient photosynthesis possible without side effects such as excessive stretching of the stems. The use of the grow-spectrum is recommended until a week before the end of the vegetative phase.

Flowering - Generative phase - Flowering phase:
Even subtle changes in the spectrum influence the activation and regulation of important growth processes in plants. Shortly before the inflorescences appear, we must provide the bloom spectrum to the plant. The Bloom spectrum consists of white light with a color temperature of 4000K and reinforced red light and is designed to start and keep flowering.

It is recommended to use the Bloom spectrum by the end of the vegetative phase and before the start of the generative phase.

Harvest - Final phase:
Light can be used to change the concentration of terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). UV-a light is particularly suitable for increasing the content of these substances. For this reason, the Harvest spectrum, which contains UV-a light, is developed for the final phase of the crop production, the phase before the harvest. Depending on the individual preferences, this spectrum can be applied a few days before harvest.

It is important not to use this mode in earlier growth phases, because UV-light can cause stressful conditions for the plants and can therefore reduce quality.

Note: UV radiation is very dangerous for the eyes and skin. When you work near this lamp, you must wear protective clothing

Mechanical data:

Installation:  Hung on belts/chain/easyyroll-rope
Housing:  powder -coated aluminum
Diffusor:  reinforced glass

Electric data:

Efficiency of food:  92%
Power supply:  230 Vac 50 Hz
Min. Labor factor:  0,98
Protection class:  I

Optical data:

Light source:  LED SMD Samsung/Osram/Seoul
Light distribution:  120 O  , Rotation symmetrical
Dimmable:  Yes


Density class:  IP65
Impact resistance:  I08
Guarantee:  10 years on the fixture and light sources and 5 years on food
Temperature range:  -40...+60 O C
Application:  Lighting for growing plants
Weight:  4.5 kg
Dimensions:  500 x 110 x 77 mm


Show your project

Mr. A.J. De Jong

Arie started experimenting this fall with growing plants indoors. Although he is busy in his allotment garden all season, there is little to do there in the winter. 🌱By growing indoors, he is 1-0 ahead of his allotment garden friends in the spring. #Binnenuinieren #GroeWingers

Marja Sundermeijer

Now that vegetables have become so expensive, Marja decided to grow them herself. But how do you do that without a garden on the 6th floor? After a lot of reading and with a little help from our employee, she managed to be able to enjoy her first harvest. 🌱🍅 #Stadstuinieren #self -food ruin


Are you proud of the project you are doing? Let others also enjoy your hobby or realization. Share your photo, video and/or breeding report with us and win fun goodies! We look forward to admiring and sharing your creations with our community. 🌟 #ShareYourLight

Olive tree

In our residential group, all residents wear their own backpack and are looking for a relaxed place where they can find peace. To meet this need of the residents, we have created an inner garden. Unfortunately the plants died because of the many blind walls, but thanks to the expert advice from the LED department store, our olive tree has come on top of it.

A life with progressive MS

Elise has been bearing the burden of progressive MS for 15 years. Despite medication that is no longer effective, cannabis offers the only lighting. Her brother helps her grow cannabis, essential because medicinal cannabis is not powerful enough. Growing together is a welcome hobby for Elise, especially because she can barely leave the house.

Mother Forest

We consciously purchased the Mother Forest, because we longed for more greenery in the house and wanted to enjoy fresh herbs and micro -freshs all year round. In addition, we noticed that it ensures an increased oxygen concentration and a less dry air in the house. We recently ordered an expansion set, because we strive for an even more varied vegetable garden.