Facade lighting RGBW 100Watt wide radiator Floodlight with 2.4GHz remote control 5y warranty

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Facade lighting RGBW 100Watt wide radiator Floodlight with 2.4GHz remote control 5y warranty

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from 5 pieces 199 p/st
1 piece 219.00 995,00
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Trust is central to the LED department store.

At the LED department store we understand the diversity of growers, whether you are a professional grower or an enthusiastic hobbyist. From large greenhouses to cozy living rooms, we take every grower seriously and provide all your needs. Discover our range and breed with confidence!

Product information

Let the darkness give way to the powerful glow of the 100W facade lighting wide radiator/floodlight from Integral LED! With its striking features, this lighting is the undisputed King of the outdoor lighting.

RGBW color change programmable
Wireless remote control 2.4 GHz
2MTR connection cord


This façade lighting design is not only robust but also exceptionally sustainable. Thanks to IP66 classification Can defy the elements without any problems. The corrosion -resistant housing of cast aluminum and the hardened glass ensure that this lighting continues to perform even under heavy conditions. Moreover, it has a compact and low profile, with a IK08 classification, which makes it file against external bumps and impact.

What these broader Really remarkable is his impressive efficiency. With a stunning light output of 130 lumens per watt, this lighting offers clear and powerful light with minimal energy costs. The lifetime of 50,000 hours Translates in years of reliable use, and the supplied warranty of 5 years offers extra peace of mind.

The Precision-Plus Floodlight Range delivers super clear performance with brightness levels ranging from 13,000 to 26,000 lumens. This makes this lighting perfectly suitable for countless applications, from industrial and commercial outdoor lighting to facade lighting. Thanks to the 60 ° and asymmetrical optics, the light distribution is optimized, so that you can optimally relieve spaces.

Another big advantage of this LED lighting is that it attracts far fewer insects than traditional outdoor lighting. This not only promotes a comfortable outdoor environment, but also contributes to the preservation of biodiversity by reducing light pollution and disruption of local ecosystems.

Choose the power, efficiency and durability of the 100W facade lighting wide -radiator/floodlight from Integral LED for all your outdoor lighting needs. With its robust design and impressive performance, this lighting will certainly meet all your expectations.

But that's not all! If you want to bring colors to life, the RGBW function offers a wide range of beautiful colors, animations and color waxes that you can operate via an RF remote control.

With the Precision-Plus RGBW Floodlight you can now transform the atmosphere into any outside environment with RGBW color change. Whether you want to create static colors or add dynamic light effects, this lighting can handle it all.

Thanks to the wireless RF remote control you have complete control over color choices and light animations. Adjust the colors, choose from a range of animations and add dynamics to your outdoor space, all with the ease of a remote control.

With its robust and efficient construction, this RGBW Floodlight offers the same durability as its counterpart in white light. The cast aluminum provides excellent heat dissipation, while the hardened glass and the IP66 and IK08 classifications offer protection against the elements. Whether you want to set a static color for mood lighting or a dynamic light show Want to create, this floodlight can handle it all.

With an impressive light output of 10,000 lumens and an efficiency of 100 Lumen per Watt Offers this RGBW Floodlight bright and lively colors, even in the open air. The wide angle of radiation of 120 degrees ensures an even light distribution, so that you are beautifully illuminated outside environment.

The reliability and sustainability of this RGBW Floodlight are impressive. With a lifespan of no less than 50,000 hours and one Switch cycle of 25,000 times, you can trust that this lighting will perform reliably for years. Moreover, there is no delay when switching on, so you can immediately enjoy the light.

Light dates

  • Beam Type: Symmetrical
  • Energy efficiency label (image): ILFLD336_EU label
  • Light stream in Lumen (LM): 10000
  • Coupled color temperature (CCT) (K): RGB & W (4000K)
  • Name color temperature: RGB & Cool White
  • Light angle: 120 degrees
  • Color reproduction index (CRI): 80
  • Frequency range (HZ): 50/60 Directly (less than 1 second): yes
  • LED type: device mounted on the surface (SMD)
  • Lifespan (hours): 50000
  • Sensor / overrust: no
  • Switching cycles: 25000


  • Product Length (mm): 355
  • Product depth (mm): 55
  • Product Width (mm): 245
  • Product Weight (G): 3100
  • Material: aluminum, tempered glass construction: aluminum casting piece heatsink, hardened glass protective front, integrated driver
  • Fixing of luminaire: wall mounting
  • Placement / application: Inside and out, General lighting

Electric data

  • Energy consumption 100watt
  • Power factor dimming: dimmable with the RF wireless controller supplied
  • Driver Included: Driver included
  • Electric current AC EN: EN-60598
  • LVD certified yes 
AND EN-60598
LVD Certified Yes
New Energy Rating E
EU Luminaire L
HG 0% (Mercury Free) Yes
I rating (Impact Protection) Ik08
IP Rating (Ingress Protection) IP65
Lowest Operating Temperature (° C)


Maximum Operating Temperature (° C)



Choose the Precision-Plus RGBW Floodlight to change the atmosphere and character of your outside environment with colorful and dynamic light. With its sturdy construction, wireless remote control and impressive performance, this Floodlight is the ideal choice for outdoor spaces where color and atmosphere are essential.

Warranty (years) 5


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