LED Kwweklamp Fluence Spydr 2P

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Trust is central to the LED department store.

At the LED department store we understand the diversity of growers, whether you are a professional grower or an enthusiastic hobbyist. From large greenhouses to cozy living rooms, we take every grower seriously and provide all your needs. Discover our range and breed with confidence!

Product information

LED Kwweklamp Fluence Spydr 2P

This Fluence LED breeding lamp is one of the most powerful full spectrum LED grow lights intended for High PPFD Cultivation. With this breeding method you use light strengths that are normally too high when no extra CO2 is added to the air. An increase from 0.08 to 0.14% gives the plant the possibility to convert that enormous amount of light into carbohydrates and energy. This has the effect that the life cycle of the plant is a lot shorter (or the plant comes in flowering faster and grows faster), your plant grows up to 20% larger. In short: with this High PPFD Cultivation Method and Fluence LED grow lights, your plants grow even faster, larger and better.

Not for beginners

The Spydr2P is not the ideal LED breeding light for everyone, for growers who have no experience with extra CO2 in the grow room, we recommend this lamp. The enormous amount of light that the Spydr2P produces is very harmful to your plants if the CO2 level is not continuously checked. The Spydr2P also produces more UV light than other LED grow lights, make sure you cover your skin with clothing and also offer your eyes the right protection.

Fluence PhysioSpec Indoor Spectrum

Fluence has made its own spectum for the SpyDR series called the PhysioSpec Indoor Spectrum. This spectrum has been specially developed for indoor growing and is suitable for the entire life cycle of your plant. Also for cuttings, clonen and seedlings are doing well under the light of the Spydr 2P. The PhysioSpec Indoor Spectrum also has a high CRI value of 85, this value indicates that the light is very suitable for work and research conditions. A good contrast, natural and lively colors are important here. The Spydr 2P does not have its own dimmmer, but this is available separately and on 1 dimmer you can walk up to 50 Spydr's 2.

Economical and silent

The Fluence Spydr 2P LED grow lamp is a professional LED grow lamp that handles energy extremely economically. The light is evenly distributed over the large light surface and easily penetrates between the foliage. The materials used, the simple design and the lack of fans are already making this LED grow lamp a classic that lasts for many years. The Spydr 2P is also suitable for use in racks, above breeding tables and in grow tents. A suspension system is supplied with the lamp.

Knowledge required

The High PPFD growing with CO2 requires knowledge of photosynthesis and the functioning of CO2 in plants. The most important thing is that with too little CO2 in the air, the bright light cannot be converted into energy and carbohydrates. This can damage your plates. Conversely, the extra CO2 is only converted into carbohydrates when the light intensity is sufficient. With the Fluence Spydr 2P LED grow lamp you don't have to worry about that!

Specifications of the Fluence Spydr 2P

Adaptable spectrum No
Cooling Passive
Size 108 x 119 x 11 cm
Dimmable? Only with controller
Lifespan 50,000+ hours
Minimum distance to plant 15.2 cm
Consumption 645 W
PPF (Micromols/SEC) 1600
Spectrum Full spectrum
Guarantee 3 years
Weight 12.55 kg
Light surface 120 x 120 cm


Show your project

Mr. A.J. De Jong

Arie started experimenting this fall with growing plants indoors. Although he is busy in his allotment garden all season, there is little to do there in the winter. 🌱By growing indoors, he is 1-0 ahead of his allotment garden friends in the spring. #Binnenuinieren #GroeWingers

Marja Sundermeijer

Now that vegetables have become so expensive, Marja decided to grow them herself. But how do you do that without a garden on the 6th floor? After a lot of reading and with a little help from our employee, she managed to be able to enjoy her first harvest. 🌱🍅 #Stadstuinieren #self -food ruin


Are you proud of the project you are doing? Let others also enjoy your hobby or realization. Share your photo, video and/or breeding report with us and win fun goodies! We look forward to admiring and sharing your creations with our community. 🌟 #ShareYourLight

Olive tree

In our residential group, all residents wear their own backpack and are looking for a relaxed place where they can find peace. To meet this need of the residents, we have created an inner garden. Unfortunately the plants died because of the many blind walls, but thanks to the expert advice from the LED department store, our olive tree has come on top of it.

A life with progressive MS

Elise has been bearing the burden of progressive MS for 15 years. Despite medication that is no longer effective, cannabis offers the only lighting. Her brother helps her grow cannabis, essential because medicinal cannabis is not powerful enough. Growing together is a welcome hobby for Elise, especially because she can barely leave the house.

Mother Forest

We consciously purchased the Mother Forest, because we longed for more greenery in the house and wanted to enjoy fresh herbs and micro -freshs all year round. In addition, we noticed that it ensures an increased oxygen concentration and a less dry air in the house. We recently ordered an expansion set, because we strive for an even more varied vegetable garden.