Mother Forest - 8 Plant Pods I Greenwall system

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Title: Normal 8 Pods> 280cm

Mother Forest - 8 Plant Pods I Greenwall system

Normal 8 Pods> 280cm
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At the LED department store we understand the diversity of growers, whether you are a professional grower or an enthusiastic hobbyist. From large greenhouses to cozy living rooms, we take every grower seriously and provide all your needs. Discover our range and breed with confidence!

Product information

Mother Forest - 8 plant pods 


The Mother Forest - 8 plant pods is the revolutionary modular GreenWall system with which you have your own Indoor Groentetuin Can create! This impressive vertical green wall contains 8 plant pots and is equipped with 6 integrated full-spectrum growing lamps of 5 watts each. The sustainable design makes the installation easy and fast, and lets you enjoy it in no time your own grown herbs and vegetables.

Discover the pleasure of breeding and eating with Mother Forest - 8 plant pods!

Do you want to share a fun and educational activity with your children your own kitchen? With Mother Forest - 8 plant pods, gardening becomes simple and exciting for the whole family! Show your children how they vegetables and herbs Being able to grow easily and ultimately eat yourself. This experience promotes the acceptance of vegetables in children And lays the foundation for healthy eating habits. Discover here how Mother Forest helps you to create a natural band with food and sustainability!


  1. Simple and educational: With Mother Forest - 8 plant pods, gardening becomes a fascinating adventure for young and old. Let your children get enchanted by the breeding process. From planting seeds to seeing their own vegetables and herbs - this is an educational experience that increases their knowledge about nature.

  2. Healthy eating habits: It is no secret that children are sometimes reluctant to eat vegetables. But that changes with Mother Forest! Let your children taste their home -grown vegetables and see how proud they are of their own performance. This creates a positive association with vegetables, making them more inclined to embrace healthy food.

  3. Family moments: Mother Forest - 8 plant pods is a great way to spend Quality Time with your family. Together gardening, the bond between parents and children strengthens and creates lasting memories. Experience the joy of growing together and enjoying Self -grown delicacies.

  4. Sustainability and environmental consciousness: By involving your children in growing vegetables and herbs, you give them a valuable insight into sustainability and environmental consciousness. They learn where food comes from and how important it is to take care of nature.

  5. Food at its best: With Mother Forest - 8 plant pods you get access to fresh, healthy and nutritious vegetables and herbs, directly from your kitchen. No pesticides, no artificial additives - only pure, tasty food for you and your family.


With Mother Forest you can also raise air quality and A green oasis at home to create. The possibilities are endless, because you can always add extra pods or grow lights and you Expand or adjust setup as desired.

The Forest system is designed to Robust and strong, yet lightweight, to offer Greenwall system. The components are Made from high -quality anodized aluminum, that ensures a long -term lifespan and resistant to corrosion and scratches. Moreover, no paint or glue has been used, so the product Sustainable and environmentally friendly is.

The integrated Full-spectrum grow lights in the plant pods Ensure that your plants can grow all seasons. With a photosynthesis efficiency of 92% and a high color reproduction index of 96, these grow lights offer the optimum light spectrum for healthy plant growth. The supplied international food adapter works with every type of socket, so that you can use the system anywhere in the world.

Bee Mother Forest Sustainability is paramount. That is why we offer our Mother Infinity Promise. Our products are designed to last forever, and if a part has to be replaced over time, it is easy to repair. Of 4 year warranty On the LED boards and the ability to replace components when needed, you can enjoy your Forest system for life.

    What's in the box

    Forest Bar

    • 2x 90 cm/35.4 ”, 1x 40cm/15.7” and 1x 20cm/7.8 "bar module
    • Build safely up to 278 cm or up to 350 cm with the optional height expansion set
    • Black anodized aluminum
    • 5 cm diameter
    • 3x extensions for forest rods
    • 2x T-connector sets to connect forest bars perpendicular or on a wall
    • 2x Powercaps to finish the system and protect powercables

    Forest Nodes

    •  Install this branch on a Forest Profile to Micropods or to install plant pods
    •  Made from durable, recyclable ABS material and brass
    •  Up to 2 kg max. Carrying capacity, average <1 kg
    •  Simple integration of growth lights
    •  All parts are made from sustainable and recyclable ABS
    •  Food safe, dishwasher safe and BPA-free

    Plant pod

    •  8x 12 cm inner diameter, 14 cm outside diameter, 12 cm high
    •  Sustainable and recyclable food-grade ABS, fully BPA free

    Growth light

    • 5W full-spectrum LED light panel with a diameter of 14 cm
    • CRI95+ with 92%+ Effective plant light spectrum (par)
    • Plug & Play 24V Powerjack connector
    • International food adapter works with every type of socket.
    • Including powercable extensions


    Forest Features

    • Made from sustainable, recyclable ABS and brass
    • 2 kg maximum load, average load <1 kg
    • Simple integration of growth lamps



    • • Plant library
    • • Track your plants
    • • Discover and save dishes Find easy and delicious recipes via the Mother App
    • • Video manuals
    • • Live Support Chat


    Technical specifications

    • Main voltage: 100V-2440V alternating current
    • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
    • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 35 ° C / -4 ° F to 95 ° F
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing
    • Par (photosynthetic active radiation): 92%
    • CRI (Color reproduction index): 96
    • GDT (correlated color temperature): 3700K
    • Distribution angle: 120 °
    • Efficiency: 90.5LM/W
    • Intensity of the human eye: luminous stream = 355lm
    • Voltage entrance Light module: V = 24V
    • Light module capacity for power: P = 4.2W
    • PPFD (photosynthetic photo flux density) at different distances:
      1581 µm/m²/s at 0 cm,
      332 µm/m²/s at 5 cm,
      196 µm/m²/s at 10 cm,
      75 µm/m²/s at 20 cm,
      22 µm/m²/s at 50 cm.



    In short, Mother Forest - 8 plant pods is the perfect way to garden and healthy food To combine in a fun way. Create unforgettable moments, stimulate the love for vegetables with your children And give them a healthy start for life. With Mother Forest you don't create alone A breathtaking green interior, but also contribute to A healthier indoor climate. Add this beautiful green wall to your shopping cart and soon enjoy the many benefits of Mother Forest in your own house! Don't wait any longer and start today with your own Mother Forest Adventure! Free Shipping Within a few working days.


    Show your project

    Mr. A.J. De Jong

    Arie started experimenting this fall with growing plants indoors. Although he is busy in his allotment garden all season, there is little to do there in the winter. 🌱By growing indoors, he is 1-0 ahead of his allotment garden friends in the spring. #Binnenuinieren #GroeWingers

    Marja Sundermeijer

    Now that vegetables have become so expensive, Marja decided to grow them herself. But how do you do that without a garden on the 6th floor? After a lot of reading and with a little help from our employee, she managed to be able to enjoy her first harvest. 🌱🍅 #Stadstuinieren #self -food ruin


    Are you proud of the project you are doing? Let others also enjoy your hobby or realization. Share your photo, video and/or breeding report with us and win fun goodies! We look forward to admiring and sharing your creations with our community. 🌟 #ShareYourLight

    Olive tree

    In our residential group, all residents wear their own backpack and are looking for a relaxed place where they can find peace. To meet this need of the residents, we have created an inner garden. Unfortunately the plants died because of the many blind walls, but thanks to the expert advice from the LED department store, our olive tree has come on top of it.

    A life with progressive MS

    Elise has been bearing the burden of progressive MS for 15 years. Despite medication that is no longer effective, cannabis offers the only lighting. Her brother helps her grow cannabis, essential because medicinal cannabis is not powerful enough. Growing together is a welcome hobby for Elise, especially because she can barely leave the house.

    Mother Forest

    We consciously purchased the Mother Forest, because we longed for more greenery in the house and wanted to enjoy fresh herbs and micro -freshs all year round. In addition, we noticed that it ensures an increased oxygen concentration and a less dry air in the house. We recently ordered an expansion set, because we strive for an even more varied vegetable garden.